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Play the Future with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti

Credits: Nvidia Singapore FB
Had a chance to join the event, Play the Future with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti, by Nvidia Singapore last Thursday (11th Jun) at the Hood Bar and Cafe. This event was on how awesome G-sync is when you are playing games and also their latest graphics card, GTX 980Ti.

Snap Snap a photo with Batman and GTX 980 Ti ! 
Quite a crowd for this event and after registration, we just had to take photos with Batman, whom was standing outside the cafe with the GTX 980 Ti ! At first I thought it was a dummy set, until someone was saying, nooooo, its the actual product! :O (molest it).

As for door gifts, we were all given a cap and a DC Super Hero Lego Key Light, provided we have posted up our photos with Batman. Everyone wanted the Batman Key Light, alas, they probably had 5 of those. I got cat woman instead.
Say Hi to Cat woman 
While waiting for the rest to come in and stuffs, Explodreamer, FoliathR and I headed to check out the games on the 4 laptops that were displayed near the stage. All these laptops are equipped with Gsync and 900M series graphics card.
Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Aftershock laptops
Clearer photos of the 4 laptops. Far left to Right: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Aftershock
I was excited to see how well Gsync works while I'm playing games, not that I'm a gamer or what, but playing games on a better graphics card with awesome gsync, why not? :p

Took a video of FoliathR playing Dying Light on Asus:
Smooth indeed my friend. I didn't experience any lack while I was playing on that too. So smoothhhhhhhh.

After a while, the event started, with the host introducing Mr Simon Tan, head of Nvidia TW (I think). Then he passed on to Mr Jeff, who is the expert in the technically stuffs of Nvidia.

Mr Jeff talked about what exactly is Play the Future, the settings that are required to play in the best settings for the upcoming and new released games.
DX12, 4k and VR, settings that we want for the best gaming experience
After that he introduced us the latest Graphics card, GTX 980 Ti, which is their new flagship card.
Geforce new flagship 
Why is this better than its predecessors?
Because it is 3X faster
Based on the chart given, GTX 980 Ti is 3x faster than its predecessors, not only that, it can support up to 4k screen resolution. *whooo ♥ * Think how awesome it will be while playing Witcher 3 on a 4k screen ? You can see every single awesome detail of Geralt, even the hair, the hair! (goes crazy about it) Actually I didn't have to think about it, because Nvidia Singapore had a set up there!

Next, Mr Jeff moved on to talk about DX12, what exactly does DX12 do and how does it affect the gaming experience. 
DX 12 has new graphics effects and low level API. 
With GEFORCE GTX 980Ti, gaming world is def taking a huge change 
Explaining how DirectX 12 works here won't make any sense, since I am not a gamer who actually understands how each and every different settings can affect gaming. I'm gonna show the video that Mr Jeff shown during the event (pardon for the half cut video, some parts maybe missing :p) 

Then he moved on about VR Optical system:
The issue that GPU doesn't render warped images
So to solve this issue, Nvidia introduce the multi-res shading.
This is how the Multi-res shading works. 
Beside about the multi-res shading that works well with the VR, Mr Jeff also mentioned about Gsync, the new settings that allows gaming experience to be at its top condition. Even though Vsync works to ensure that there's no broken images when you are gaming, but it doesn't work well when there's a frame drop in the game. Not all games are on consistent framerate, thus, that's where we see screen tearing issue. With G-sync on, it tells the GPU the framerate needed to support the game itself, hence, screen tearing is no longer seen during gaming.
A diagram of how the traditional monitor works. 
And this is with G-Sync
For gamers who are gaming on laptops instead of tower, worry not, now there are 4 laptops that equipped with G-sync. The implementation of G-sync on laptop is different from tower. 
A key is set in the middle for G-Sync to be implemented. 
Not only the G-Syc is implemented in the GPU itself, it also uses Nvidia Selected Panels.
It uses gamer grade display. 
If you wanna get a new gaming laptop, Nvidia Singapore even have the list of the top gaming laptops that are worth your money. 
At least a GTX 970m graphics card is considered on their list. 
Oh man, I have a aftershock with GTX 960m graphics card. I hope Witcher 3 won't have tearing screenings while I'm playing on it.
This is the future of gaming experience. 
If you own any of these, you are playing in future, experiencing the best gaming settings that you ever had. Damnnnnn, to think that when I purchased Aftershock in March, I opted for GTX 960m graphics card. I am not in sync with the future gaming world at all :(.  After Mr Jeff was done, it was free roaming and dinner time.
Check out this baby. 
And of course, we tried on playing all the games on those G-synced enabled laptops, testing how smooth the whole gaming experience is. Even though *coughs* one of the laptop game crashed when we tried to load it (shuts her mouth). 
A proof that the tower is using GTX 980Ti 
We tried running benchmark test on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, played on Gigabyte, max settings, 1080p. 

Not bad, considering that there's totally no tearing screen, how awesome can Nivida go? But I am still hoping that I can play Witcher 3 on GTX 980Ti someday, so that I can turn on hairworks (dreams).

Hopefully someday will come soon *sings~*. Okaii, back to checking out steam summer sale.

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