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[Sponsored] Skin Shape Club - Skin Shaper Plus Program

As much as I like to stick to my skin care routine daily, there are some problem areas that requires facial therapist to fix it for me. As we age, wrinkles will tend to from, even if we have taken ultimate care. For me, no matter how I take care, I still have a few problems, not because I didn't apply well enough, but because of the way I live.

I have horrible under eye ring due to lack of sleep years ago and wells I'm still sleeping late, not having enough hydration. You can see in the picture below:
This is my face before any treatment, please ignore the weird eye shapes
I guess most of us have their own facial issues apart from what I have, one thing is that I don't have visible wrinkles yet (nope, not yet). But it is always good to prevent it first before it appears. 

So Skin Shape Club has this program to target my problem areas, the program is known as Skin Shaper Plus Program. This program is for people who have dull skin, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and enlarged pores issues, like mine (ticks nearly all boxes). So what is Skin Shaper Plus Program, it is a facial treatment that uses the combination of light and heat energy to rejuvenate your cells from deep within, renew your collagen cells and clear your acne. It is situation for most skin types and skin tone, but customers with darker skin tone will have to be consulted before proceeding the treatment, as they would adjust the treatment according to the condition for safe and best results.

The technology that is used for this program, LHE technology(Light & Heat Energy) is different from IPL and Laser treatment. LHE uses lower energy fluency as compared to the other two treatment and you can go for this treatment once ever 3-7 days.

So I was given a chance to try out this program, in a total of 4 session. Standard like most facial program, they have a consultation session where they will inform you about the treatment of the program, what maybe expected after each treatment and what are the visible results that can been seen right after the treatment.
I like the ambience of the place
The area may not be big, but I like the ambience of the outlet. Rather cosy and warm. Ginger tea was served and I had to change my shoes to the slippers. I was served by the manager, Cherie, who went through the details of the treatment annex with me.

I was told that my skin will may get slightly redness and warmth redness, dryness of the skin surface, which will go away after 2 days right after the treatment. There maybe transient pigment changes, depending on the skin condition, it can darken or lighten for 1-2 weeks. Right after treatment, I will see the indiction of skin texture improvement, skin tone improvement or pigmentation and acne treatment.

Besides doing facial treatment, they also have slimming program, that's where the weighing machine comes in. So I was tested for my biodata too.
The weighing machine that gives u all the results
It weighs my weight, height, fat%, fat mass, fat free mass and a lot of other stuffs. Cherie then recorded it on their biodata pamphlet and gave me a copy. Decided to mask off certain details, gosh, how I hate to weigh myself.
There, my biodata, but I've decided to cover up some of the KG details. (cries) 
When Ian saw this, he was like "miss, please get ur arse off the chair and start exercising, your fat% is higher than mine" ;_; After the consultation, it was time for the actual treatment. They have two treatment rooms.
Small but cosy treatment room, equipped with warm bed
It was nice to walk into the treatment room and see flower and a nice rolled up towel on the bed. Felt very welcoming and nice. Changed into the given robe and lied on the warm bed. It was nice to feel warm, but if you think that its too warm, they can adjust the bed temperature.

Before the treatment, my skin is cleansed and exfoliate then they used the LHE machine, for the treatment. The therapist, Audrey, then tested the light and heat technology on my right hand for me to adjust to the heat and light. Boy, the light was indeed bright.
Rather small machine I would say
The treatment is based on this machine where pluses of light and heat is then delivered deeply on the skin for collagen stimulation, tightening, brightening and acne control. As this treatment is suitable for eye treatment, I was a little taken back by the brightness of the light. My eyes are a little sensitive to bright light so this was a little scary for me. *hahaha* Audrey was patience when I got a little scared, as this treatment is also for the eyelid. But it got better after the first session. :p
This is the applicator where the light and heat source is administered from
I felt the warmth from the LHE application, which is actually not so bad, even though after a while it gets warmer but not the burning kind of warmth. After the treatment, I was given the skincare serum followed by a mask. I was told that after the LHE treatment, the skin is ready to absorb all the good stuffs easily deep into the skin. In total, the treatment lasted for about 30 minutes, good for people who work in town and for busy people who can't afford one and a half hours of facial treatment.
Taken right after the treatment
I think the most visible parts after the treatment was the skin tone and the acne. Not so much on the under eye dark circle in this picture. But the acne was less visible and not glowing red right after the treatment. Also my skin tone is more even.
This is the right side of my face, credits: Audrey for the photos
Please ignore the messy hair, my hair gets really messy easily. But the results are visible after one session. After the session I was led to their lounge area, and food was provided. The lounge area is very cosy and Cherie explained to me, this area is for the members to come and relax themselves.
Snacks I called it. 
It was nice to have some food after treatment and the place was so cosy that I could sit there forever if I hadn't made an appointment with a friend after the treatment.
It is so cosy and welcoming
After the first session, I was looking forward to the next session as I could see that my acne has gone down and it is no longer that red. Also, consistent treatment will help in maintaining the results of this treatment.

The LHE treatment kills the bacteria inside and acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduce swelling. My main concern right now are the acne around my jawline as I tend to get breakouts often there. Probably due to bacteria infection or others says, inconsistent diet.
Look at the lighten of the dark spots and the under eye dark circles. Credits: Jasmine and Audrey for the photos
Even though my acne have not heal yet (stubborn acne), but it doesn't hurt or swell as much anymore. I think the clog is probably dead inside, as it feels flatten right now *touches own acne*.
Before and after 4 sessions. Please ignore the fact that my face was a little bloated in the second pic. 
After four session, I can see that my under eye dark circles are cleared and also, my acne hasn't swell as much as before even though its still there. Another note was the marks on my on the right side, it has lighten quite visibly.  Pore are not as visible as before. After four sessions, I can see the effectiveness of LHE treatment.

Besides the treatment, what interest me the most of the concept of Skin Shape Club. It is a boutique wellness club, where members can learn more about beauty and wellness, besides receiving clinically proven skin and slimming treatments. Besides the lounge area where members can enjoy healthy snacks and skincare books and magazine, they also provide free Wi-Fi for members when they need to do their work there. They also organise works and talks for members.  The club concept is like gym membership concept, base on the package you've purchase, you can actually head down for treatment as many days as you like (depending on the therapists' schedules too). I think that's quite interesting, but for customers who are not keen in joining the membership, they have package  x sessions for them too. A very all-rounded concept.

Skin Shape Club is located at: 
#03-13/14 Orchard Central (nearest MRT - Somerset)
Tel: 6589 8331  

For new customers who are interested in this Skin Shaper Facial, you can enjoy 4 sessions at a trial price of $96 ($24/session). Besides that, there's also Skin Shaper Plus Facial, which is an hour long, besides LHE and mask treatment, there's also exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and serum-infused facial massage. New customers can enjoy 4 sessions at a trial price of $128 ($32/session). 

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