Hello, I'm Ebi!

Ebi isn't my name, rather a nick that sounds nearing to my name. I supposed, even though its known as prawn in Japanese. But I do like prawns, especially cereal prawns. *yums* Haley isn't a registered name either, but been known as one for years. Someday I will probably get the name registered.

Born and located in the tiny island near the equator line, Singapore, this is the place where I will probably grow old and die. The probability of that is high since migration is pretty much not a thought that I have actually given, even though living in Japan would probably be a neat idea.

I like food, shopping, music, movies and books. Food is life's priority but ain't rich enough to taste all the delicacies of the world. Love makeup but always source for cheap alternatives. High end make up is always a desire but far to reach.

That probably sums up who I am, rather. To know more, read my posts and how I rant about life every other moment while I'm munching some yummy tidbits or pastries behind the screen. Meantime, let me clean the bits off the table. Ta-ta