Sunday, March 1, 2015

[Sponsored] Jergen's Daily Moisture, Soothing Aloe and Ultra healting Body Lotion

Ever since I came back from Korea, my skin has been considered dry. Skin by means, my body, not face. *hehe* I have a strict routine for my facial skincare that sometimes D thinks that I'm taking up too much time to pamper them. Back to topic, since then, whenever I sleep in an aircon room, my body skin will itch, especially the legs. It is so dry that when I walk out of my house, the legs will start to itch so badly that I looked like a monkey trying to scratch while walking. I've consulted friends regarding about this issue and all of them advised me to get a good body moisturizer.
I've tried a few brands but my legs still itch whenever I head out, like mid-morning. *god knows why* Brands shall not be named, since it doesn't really worked out for me. Then Jergens recently released a new and improved range of body moisturizers.  I remembered using their body lotion more than a decade ago, and I stopped coz it was a little too oily for me back then (and I was lazy too).
Jergen's new range of body lotion: Daily moisture, Soothing Aloe and Ultra Healing
Being No.1 Body lotion Brand in USA, Jergens new range target 3 different market users,   which I decided to try all three at different areas of my body. I do have different body skin issues, so might as well. The three variants for this range are:
Thinner texture as compared to the other two. 

1. Daily Moisture for Dry Skin.
This contains Skill Proteins and Citrus extracts which helps in improving texture for visible smooth skin.

The texture looks a little green and slightly thicker
2. Soothing Aloe for Normal to Dry Skin.
This contains Cucumber extracts and pure Aloe Vera which helps in reviving skin for visibly more refreshed skin. Aloe Vera is known for its freshness in keeping skin moist, I have lots of facial care product that has aloe vera too, plus the smell is so refreshing.

Thickest in texture, but the smoothness is the best after application
3. Ultra Healing for Ultra Dry Skin.
This contains Vitamin C, E and B5, which repairs skin for visibly healthier skin. This is great for super dry skin as skin may lack of much water that results in skin crack. And Vitamin C is a great ingredient in repairing the damage.
Besides repairing and moisturizing your skin, this new range contains the HydralucenceTM blend that provides longer lasting hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity. It gives your skin a beautiful, envious glow.
There's a patch of dullness on my elbow, which is also quite dry
I tried Soothing Aloe on my elbow, as it tends to be a little dry and dull in skin colour. I applied Daily Moisture on my legs they are dry but not visibly cracking and lastly I applied Ultra Healing on my body as my body tends to get super dry after a night sleep in the air con room.  Next morning, I am amazed by how smooth my skin is and less dull it look. It doesn’t look dry and it feels smooth. That is after around 8 hours of application. Then I applied once again in the morning before heading out. My skin does looks glowy under the sun and my legs doesn't feel the itch for once. *falls in love*
Me, taking OOTD after using Jergen's new range of skin care after a few days. 
After 12 hours, back home, my skin still feels smooth and glowy, it feels like my skin has locked the moisture from the lotions just right. And I don’t feel sticky even though I work in an non-airconed office. This prompts me to use it everyday. Another good point about this new range is it doesn’t have this super sticky after-application feeling and my skin absorbs it wells within 5 mins. I do not have to worry about staining my clothes with the lotion or feeling uncomfortable the whole day. Some lotion have this sticky feeling that you just wanna wash it off. :(
And because of the extract contains of each lotion, I have this fresh scent on me right after application. I feel refreshed and happy, because one thing, its not coconut or some weird oil smell that some lotions I used to have had.
Using the New Jergen Body Lotion makes me feel refreshed and happy, I don’t feel like a monkey scratching during the mid-morning when I head out. And I feel more confident when I go out for functions or visiting. It is like having a great hair or facial skin, having a good body skincare, it adds on to a good look no matter how you dress. Because it is just adds up to looking great. :)
D's knees before using Ultra Healing
And even though body lotion are mainly used by women, I’ve tried Ultra Healing on D. His legs are horribly dry and it’s even worse when he likes to peel his knee’s dead skins off. *eww* Made him apply it for nearly a week, day and night. 
After a week of usage. 
Here is the result, his skin looks smoother, healthier and glowy too. And it reduced the dryness, plus the dullness has reduced like 50%.
Ladies! You can share this with your man if he has dry skin issues too!! Sharing is caring and gives you another reason to stock up. The New Jergen range is now available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies, and personal care stores, priced at S$8.90. Time to stock up all 3 types.

Monday, February 23, 2015

[Sponsored] Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

As you know during the period near Chinese New Year, most of us will be heading to the salon to dye our hair, give our hair the ultimate treatment. Treatment doesn’t stop there, it should be continued at home. You know, the daily conditioning, weekly hair mask and daily serum application is also part of hair treatment. For us girls, having an in-depth skin care routine takes up nearly 30 mins or so everyday, we may end up forgetting that our hair needs proper moisturizing too. 

I’m one of those ladies. *guilty charged* I may have a decent skin condition, but my hair isn’t at its best maintenance, especially I’ve bleached half of my hair to dye it pink. And somehow the roots are still dry despite using conditioner and hair mask.  

So iorder to maintain my oil scale and dry roots, I’ve change my shampoo and conditioner to Asience’s new hair care range. In January, Asience introduced a new innovative haircare concept – brand-new  power Beauty Serum! Crystalising the goodness of six natural ingredients into a single Serum, to help us,  ladies, to regain the timeless beauty of youth-looking hair.  

The six ingredients that are used in the new range are the concentrated infusion of Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, Pomegranate extracts and Rose, White Pearl and Lemongrass essences. The serum will penetrate into your hair, repairing your hair from within, giving your hair the three key signs of youthful vitality-softness, shine and smoothness.  

There are two types to this new range, first the Inner Rich, for ladies who have dryfrizzy and unmanageable hair. This type is to combat dryness that causes frizzy hair. IT gives all-day moisture that the hair needs, so that ladies with dry issues look less like an untamed lion.  

The second type is the Nature Smooth, for ladies who have oil scalp and tangled ends. MY hair condition falls into the second type, so I’ve gotten Nature Smooth to try out. This range is said to resolve oily scalp and yet dry and tangled hair ends. The formula cleanses and repairs from deep within, hydrating the hair of a light and smooth finish.  
The dry ends, that looked like the wild grass along the highway T_T 
You can see in this photo, before I’ve started using Asience’s Nature Smooth, my ends were super dry and it looked like dried grass along the highway. But I think my hair looked worse than those grass. 
See the oily scalp? This was taken 12 hours after wash T_T, and my hair "shines".
The scalp were oily, its so oily that if I skip a day of hair wash, my hair looked like I’ve dipped into a pail of oil. I have to skip a day of hair wash in order to preserve my pink ends. SO it was either waste the pink or suffer the oil :(. 

The ends doesn't look like dead grass anymore. Looks presentable~
This is after using Asience’s Nature Smooth for a week. I can feel my hair soften, less tangled and not to dry ends.  And it does look smooth on photoshehehe, great hair for visiting and I don’t have to worry about bed hair 

Pretty Looking Hair
With a skip of a day of hair wash, I didn’t feel so irritated with my hair as the scalp isn’t as oily and I still look decent without washing it for a day. Plus point, Asience’s shampoo and conditioner always have a fruity scent which I like quite a bit. *psst* Now I don’t need hair perfume.  

Shampoo and conditioner: 
  • Contains Beauty Serum formula 
  • Massage shampoo onto wet hair to lather. Rinse off completely before applying conditioner evenly on hair. Rinse off completely. Suitable for daily use.  
  • Contains highly concentrated Beauty Serum formula 
  • After shampooing, apply evenly on hair. Leave it on for 3 mins. Rinse off completely. 

Asience’s new haircare range is available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores now. Both shampoo and conditioner comes in two sizes, 200ml at $7.95 and 450ml at $14.90. the treatment care is available in one size, 180ml at $12.90 
If you wanna try before purchasing a new range of shampoo and conditioner, remember to drop by Sample Store to redeem a set of 3 day sample size to try out ~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The start of budgeting

I have to admit, I am not someone who will do budgeting to keep track of where my money goes or end up to most of the time. Budgeting only happens when I'm overseas. Since ATM or using credit cards isn't a feasible option overseas, budgeting is a must for me. I still remembered my Japan Winter 2008 Trip, I was named the Budget Queen coz I basically budgeted everything. But I'm good with short term budgeting but never for long. I still remembered how I used to have a budget book recording my debit and credit daily. But that didnt last for more than 3 months. *sweats * So my resolution for 2015 is to really make a note to record down my budget.

Or rather, our budget, since D and I got married, expenses increased since we don't have meals with our parents most of the time. And cooking takes up time, being lazy bum after work and housework, I don't have the energy to cook. Plus the amount spent to cook for two isn't cheap either. *opps* So we end up having outside food most of the days.

In order to know where most of our money go to, we decided to get a budget book where we can record down daily. The budget book is from Kikki K, I just love their stuffs. Too pretty to resist.  I have to admit, it is not easy at the start, especially D doesn't remember most of the price. (So typical of him) But recently it is easier when I force him to tell me right after he pay so I can record down. This budget book is with me nearly everyday when I head out.

Why not an app, you might ask. Wells, my phone is on MIUI developer ROM, where chances are apps can be deleted due to their coding. And the last update just deleted a few apps of mine *cries* And simply, D doesn't likes to use those apps. Asking him to use instagram to upload a few photos is a hassle for him. *hahah* Having a budget book is a good way to look through and make some notes at the side bar each week.

Hopefully this is will go a long way and help us save up even more. Plans to save up for our trip this year. ^_^