Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[Sponsored] Palmer's White & Even Range

New products to combat hyper-pigmentation and skin discolouration
Most girls, won't say all girls, or rather some girls, have a few common skin problems. That is one, skin discoloration and pigmentation, which is hard to get rid off, as you age. It gets worse as we age, our skin will age, sometimes even faster than us. Besides aging, some of our skin's pigmentation is not only caused by aging, but also UV exposure, which gets worse as we age. This is a serious condition as I do know there are people who walk under the hot sun without applying sunblock! This is a no-no, even with sunblock, you will need to reapply now and then as some sunblock has only + to ++.

This kind of pigmentation is known as hyper pigmentation, where skin gets discolouration and it does not just happen when you age, but it can happen to anyone. Usually people who apply sunblock will only apply the face, where the sun exposure is higher, but they tend to forget the neck, shoulder, lips and hands. There's where sun damages can be found too, besides the face.

Besides UV exposure, hyper pigmentation can also be caused by severed dryness in skin, acne scarring, hormones changes from pregnancy, birth-control pills and hormone replacement therapy. So how does hyper pigmentation form?
UV rays will cause melanin to be over-produced. 
So to battle that situation we will need to reduce or remove the over-produced melanin, through topical creams.
Resolve the problem through application
Hyper pigmentation comes in many forms, some forms would be sun spots, age spots like freckles, Melasma and mask of pregnancy. To avoid that Palmer's has come out with their new range, White & Even range.

Dark Spot Corrector & CBB Cream 
This range, there are nine different products, ranging from cleanser to cbb cream for face, body milk for body, hand cream to protect your hands. All of these products contains unique skin tone correcting formula and it is formulated with an advanced blend of potent yet gentle ingredient that reduce hyper-pigmentation.

For those who have concerns with sensitive skin or too oily skin, worry not, this range is suitable for all skin types and as usual, Palmer's products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, hash dyes and synthetics dyes.

White & Even: Dark Spot Corrector
For this range, I am going to focus on two of their products, White & Even Dark Spot Corrector and White & Even CBB Cream.
White & Even: CBB Cream

Both products contain contains the following to whiten and tone enhancing.

As we all know, Palmer's main ingredient for all their products is Cocoa Butter and in order to lighten age spots, besides repairing, restoring, they have added in Synovea into this range. 
Why Synovea?
With that said, this is the first time I've seen Synovea being used in dark spot correcting products and Dark Sport Corrector's main target will be to reduce dark spots, age spots, post-acne scars and sun damage.

My skin discolouration falls under he post-acne scars, which are quite visible even from far. And recently, I've gotten more break-outs around the jaw area, which are quite pretty visible and quite hard to remove.

Here is Dark Spot Corrector, to target dark spots, as the name suggested, age spots, post-acne scars (that's what I need) and also sun damage. Besides those 6 main ingredients for the range, Dark Spot Corrector also contains Songyi Mushroom, a Japanese mushroom which is known for its pigment-perfecting properties.
The packaging is compact that it is easy to bring it while I'm traveling.
After reading the instructions, it looks simple and none-skin harming. So I've decided to give it a try. For people who don't like to apply skincare that has smell may not like this product though. This actually contains fresh white lily fragrance, which will make you feel more refreshed after applying and smell nicer def (hehe).

This is my face before using Dark Spot Corrector.
Pardon for the horrible red outbreaks. :( 
As visible as my eyes, the post-acne scars are on the neck and my nose. And the uneven squinting on the right side of my face (left on the pic) is actually my birthmark.

This is after using for 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks, post-acne scars are less visible
Been using it daily in order to see the results and you can see that the acne scare has lighten quite a bit. My overall complexion has also lighten up. But it has not completely remove the acne scare as this product requires daily application for 4-6 weeks for the new skin cells to rise to the surface.

We have all heard about BB Cream, CC Cream but I've never heard CBB Cream before. This CBB Cream, Correcting Beauty Balm also helps in targeting discolouration and hyper-pigmentation. Not only that, it also provides natural pigment-perfecting coverage and SPF 15 to protect your skin against the sun rays to prevent darkening of skin again. Like the Dark Spot Corrector, this CBB Cream also contains Fresh White Lily Fragrance.
Correcting Beauty Balm with SPF 15
This is my face before applying the CBB Cream, I was excited to try it out since it can also act as a primer for my foundation. Also, it is naturally tinted in colour to create even skin tone.
Before applying the CBB Cream 
My skintone is uneven and there are spots of post-acne and wells, dark eye circles. And the following photo is after application of CBB Cream, I wore it alone without any foundation over it.
The skintone looks more even here
After applying, my skin tone looks even and it doesn't feel sticky, unlike many other brands. Also it does lightweight coverage on my dark eye circles, as I feel it looks less visible after application. My skin feel refreshed after applying and I could just carry on with my make up the whole day with this acting as a primer. But if I am out the whole day, then I would probably apply sunblock first before using CBB Cream since it only has SPF 15 sunscreen. Which, I would say it is not enough to protect my skin the whole day.

Also, if you do not use sunscreen that is strong enough with the CBB Cream or during the period while you are using the dark spot corrector, the effects from both products won't be effective. As it carries on to over-produce melanin and even with the white & even range, it will take 4-6 weeks for it  the new cells to surface up.

And stopping the usage of white & even range will allow over-production of melanin to resume and dark spots will return. Looks like I have to be hardworking, not to skip any steps, especially the sunblock!

Both Dark Spot Corrector and CBB Cream can be found at all Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essential Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores. Dark Spot Corrector is priced at $17.90/30ml and CBB Cream is priced at $22.90/30ml. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

[Sponsored] Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

There are days where I forget to stock up facial cotton pad/ tissue and I still have makeup on. I think that is the worse thing that I can ever imagine (#firstworldproblems), especially after a night long partying outside.

One other solution is to remove my makeup with just facial cleanser, but I will never give in to that solution, neither will I sleep with my makeup on. Because firstly, facial cleanser helps to clean away the dead cells and unclog pores but it does not have the ability to remove makeup, especially some makeup formulas are quite stubborn, eg. water-proof mascara. Second way is definitely a NO-NO! Sleeping with your makeup on will clog pores and attract more bacteria, which will cause more skin problems! 

Bioré has the solution, or rather, a new formula for their Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover! This makeup remover requires no facial cotton pad nor tissue, all you need is just the remover, your hands and water. For those who have tried the old formula will know how effective this is.

Bioré has continue their research to bring out a even better Makeup Remover to cater to their customers. The new improved formula, with its revolutionary jelly-like texture, comes in an even smoother, lighter consistency but with the same high cleansing ability that effortlessly dissolves and lifts off more makeup in a gentle glide.
Away with the stubborn makeup~
The new formula comes with a smoother jelly-like texture to ensure that it is gentle on the skin while removing the makeup and rinses off easily and to prevent harsh tugging or pulling action on the skin. As these actions will quicken the rate of sagging and wrinkles.

Secondly, it comes with high cleansing ability to dissolve and lift of traces of makeup effortlessly, even with water-proof mascara! Great for tired people after work, for some makeup remover requires quite a few application before makeup is thoroughly removed.

Thirdly, this formula is made with 40% moisturizing essence which nourishes and hydrates the skin even while removing the makeup to give your skin a dewy moisturized finish.

Lastly, this is the best part that I like, it doesn't leave your skin sticky or greasy after using it.

Me, before removing my makeup
This is me, before removing my makeup. I've applied MAC's water-proof mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadow, double-eyelid tap, foundation and lipstick. Gotta look pretty pretty while meeting my friends. :D 
Me, after removing my makeup. 
This is me, after removing my makeup using Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover. Pardon for the mixed eyelid picture, for I have mono eyelids.... hahaha. 

This is the easiest time that I had with removing my water-proof mascara without constant rubbing it off (I know, I'm not supposed to, but laziness has gotten over me). Also, I do not have to go back removing my foundation over and over again, because using Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover, the foundation came out easily and there's no trace of foundation after that. Tried and tested on my facial cotton pad. 

Even my double-eyelid tape came off like a piece of paper, no hassle to try to tug it off my eyelid. The eyelid tape that I'm using is Koji's new double-eyelid tape, that is known for its effective stickiness. And Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is able to remove it without any tugging or rubbing. Also, my skin don't feel sticky after using (oil-based ones will), neither does it feels dry (water-based ones will), that a good sign even with light removing actions used (that is based on my own experience). Indeed a great makeup remover that I would opt to bring for my trip this time round! Lessen the load for facial cotton pad (heheeh). 

For those who has concerns if the makeup remover is suitable for your skin type, worry not. Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is suitable for all skin types :). I have combination skin if those who are interested. :p
  • Pump an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) onto hands and spread evenly over face and eye area.
  • Massage gently to dissolve makeup. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with water. It is not necessary to remove cleansing liquid with cotton pad or tissue. 
  • For best results, apply on dry face and hands. Do not use facial cotton pad or tissue.

Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is now available at all leading supermarkets, personal care stores and western pharmacies & departmental stores. It is retailing at the price of $24.90/230ml. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Play the Future with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti

Credits: Nvidia Singapore FB
Had a chance to join the event, Play the Future with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti, by Nvidia Singapore last Thursday (11th Jun) at the Hood Bar and Cafe. This event was on how awesome G-sync is when you are playing games and also their latest graphics card, GTX 980Ti.

Snap Snap a photo with Batman and GTX 980 Ti ! 
Quite a crowd for this event and after registration, we just had to take photos with Batman, whom was standing outside the cafe with the GTX 980 Ti ! At first I thought it was a dummy set, until someone was saying, nooooo, its the actual product! :O (molest it).

As for door gifts, we were all given a cap and a DC Super Hero Lego Key Light, provided we have posted up our photos with Batman. Everyone wanted the Batman Key Light, alas, they probably had 5 of those. I got cat woman instead.
Say Hi to Cat woman 
While waiting for the rest to come in and stuffs, Explodreamer, FoliathR and I headed to check out the games on the 4 laptops that were displayed near the stage. All these laptops are equipped with Gsync and 900M series graphics card.
Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Aftershock laptops
Clearer photos of the 4 laptops. Far left to Right: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Aftershock
I was excited to see how well Gsync works while I'm playing games, not that I'm a gamer or what, but playing games on a better graphics card with awesome gsync, why not? :p

Took a video of FoliathR playing Dying Light on Asus:
Smooth indeed my friend. I didn't experience any lack while I was playing on that too. So smoothhhhhhhh.

After a while, the event started, with the host introducing Mr Simon Tan, head of Nvidia TW (I think). Then he passed on to Mr Jeff, who is the expert in the technically stuffs of Nvidia.

Mr Jeff talked about what exactly is Play the Future, the settings that are required to play in the best settings for the upcoming and new released games.
DX12, 4k and VR, settings that we want for the best gaming experience
After that he introduced us the latest Graphics card, GTX 980 Ti, which is their new flagship card.
Geforce new flagship 
Why is this better than its predecessors?
Because it is 3X faster
Based on the chart given, GTX 980 Ti is 3x faster than its predecessors, not only that, it can support up to 4k screen resolution. *whooo ♥ * Think how awesome it will be while playing Witcher 3 on a 4k screen ? You can see every single awesome detail of Geralt, even the hair, the hair! (goes crazy about it) Actually I didn't have to think about it, because Nvidia Singapore had a set up there!

Next, Mr Jeff moved on to talk about DX12, what exactly does DX12 do and how does it affect the gaming experience. 
DX 12 has new graphics effects and low level API. 
With GEFORCE GTX 980Ti, gaming world is def taking a huge change 
Explaining how DirectX 12 works here won't make any sense, since I am not a gamer who actually understands how each and every different settings can affect gaming. I'm gonna show the video that Mr Jeff shown during the event (pardon for the half cut video, some parts maybe missing :p) 

Then he moved on about VR Optical system:
The issue that GPU doesn't render warped images
So to solve this issue, Nvidia introduce the multi-res shading.
This is how the Multi-res shading works. 
Beside about the multi-res shading that works well with the VR, Mr Jeff also mentioned about Gsync, the new settings that allows gaming experience to be at its top condition. Even though Vsync works to ensure that there's no broken images when you are gaming, but it doesn't work well when there's a frame drop in the game. Not all games are on consistent framerate, thus, that's where we see screen tearing issue. With G-sync on, it tells the GPU the framerate needed to support the game itself, hence, screen tearing is no longer seen during gaming.
A diagram of how the traditional monitor works. 
And this is with G-Sync
For gamers who are gaming on laptops instead of tower, worry not, now there are 4 laptops that equipped with G-sync. The implementation of G-sync on laptop is different from tower. 
A key is set in the middle for G-Sync to be implemented. 
Not only the G-Syc is implemented in the GPU itself, it also uses Nvidia Selected Panels.
It uses gamer grade display. 
If you wanna get a new gaming laptop, Nvidia Singapore even have the list of the top gaming laptops that are worth your money. 
At least a GTX 970m graphics card is considered on their list. 
Oh man, I have a aftershock with GTX 960m graphics card. I hope Witcher 3 won't have tearing screenings while I'm playing on it.
This is the future of gaming experience. 
If you own any of these, you are playing in future, experiencing the best gaming settings that you ever had. Damnnnnn, to think that when I purchased Aftershock in March, I opted for GTX 960m graphics card. I am not in sync with the future gaming world at all :(.  After Mr Jeff was done, it was free roaming and dinner time.
Check out this baby. 
And of course, we tried on playing all the games on those G-synced enabled laptops, testing how smooth the whole gaming experience is. Even though *coughs* one of the laptop game crashed when we tried to load it (shuts her mouth). 
A proof that the tower is using GTX 980Ti 
We tried running benchmark test on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, played on Gigabyte, max settings, 1080p. 

Not bad, considering that there's totally no tearing screen, how awesome can Nivida go? But I am still hoping that I can play Witcher 3 on GTX 980Ti someday, so that I can turn on hairworks (dreams).

Hopefully someday will come soon *sings~*. Okaii, back to checking out steam summer sale.