Monday, April 21, 2014

Back from MIA: Hong Kong Trip

Probably no one noticed, but I was away for a while due to lack of internet connection at my new place and also I was on a so-called family trip to Hong Kong last week. (: This is my third trip to Hong Kong and some friends asked why Hong Kong again? [the last trip was just last June]
1) I like Dim Sum
2) My parents have yet to visit Hong Kong before.
3) I like to visit my Hong Kong good friend.
4) I prefer to get my SKII in Hong Kong (Good price!)

Okaii, I'm just typing crap stuffs here.
And this trip is my first scoot flight ~~ *hoots* I had some jitters before boarding ever since the missing flight case and I never really had good experience with budget flights. (Not rich enough to have spare cash to book at normal flight, rather I'm cheapo) However, scoot just changed my mindset to their budget flight. Taking a flight on an old SIA revamped plane doesn't seems so scary anymore, plus leg space, which is big enough for me to cross legs. (unglam girl) Time to stick to scoot for budget flights.

Anyways I had a great time enjoying my holiday @ Hong Kong even though it was quite windy throughout the whole trip. My parents and I managed to squeeze a day to tour half of Macau. That would be my next short trip destination.

Photos spamming time ~~. All photos here are taken with my Xiaomi Mi3. You can judge the photos' quality yourself here as all photos are not edited. (I didn't even watermark them~~)

Dun Nai from Yee Shun Milk Company. I simply love it
I've managed to try it the last trip as my friend introduced the place to me and also the Australian Milk Company. I just love the dun jai 炖奶from Yee Shun Milk Company, taste like milk ice cream yet not ice cream ♥♥.
Selfie time
Who doesn't selfie when you are overseas? A habit that cultivated since my first holiday trip in 2008 to Japan Summer time ~~ That time it was known as camwhore ~~ *whoreeeeeee*
Roast pork  
Honey Pork Ribs
Fried Yam pancake? 
Our lunch (or was it tea?) with my friend near her place. I forgot which place is that but its far left of Hong Kong, in the outskirt. This places sells Birthday roast pork though, but sadly they didn't had that when I was there. T_T I ♥ roasted pork skin *drools at the thought of it* I like their roast pork but not the honey pork ribs as it was a little too sweet for my liking.

Second day Breakfast: Buttered bun, two sunny side up and macaroni with shredded ham and fake abalone.
We had breakfast at a 茶餐厅opposite Langham Place and I ♥ how Hong Kong breakfast set always have two fried eggs.
So cute!! I wish I could take one home
Saw this along the streets at Mong Kok and I couldn't resist taking photos of the Mitu~~ ♥♥ I didn't get to go to their pop stores at central but at least I get a glimpse of Mitu. Even Hong Kong doesn't have any Xiaomi Flagstore. T_T

Selfie spam ~~ at a dim sum place known as Little Lamb 小绵羊. And I enjoy using my Mi3 font camera which has the beauty optimisation feature. *hooray* no need for third party camera, no need MTXX app ♥_♥
Cold chicken feet
Not a fan of chicken feet but Dad wanted to try out. Sadly it doesn't take like the ones back home. It's cold chicken feet, not his liking and the feet looks scary to me.
 I like how watery their porridge is yet you can taste the wonderful rich taste of the food. ♥ And porridge is good for skin ~~~
Custard bun
Har Gaw
I ♥ how yummy the prawns are in this Har Gao. Tasty and satisfying.
Carrot Cake
Yummylious and my mum loves it. I think they added in chilli shrimp or something.

Siew Mai
A must to have whenever I go Hong Kong and Siew Mai in Hong Kong never fail my satisfaction of siew mai. *burps*

Went Macau on the same day as Dim Sum day, waoh, the ferry was sure packed even though for a weekday but at least we got our tickets. :D Okaii, we didn't know how to get our way around so we managed to get a tour guide at the ferry terminal, each person HKD$400. Not cheap but at least you know, we have a private driver and a car to ourselves. *hehe*

The first place we went, forgot the name of the place but it's pretty much a Rome copied design. Still I love how the place looks ~~ If only I had more time to spend there.
Erm a place that was built in 2007 along with the Sands casino. I forgot the name of the place. 

Making stupid face 

It's actually not dark, but this I've applied Mi3's HDR mode. 
I've taken a few photos with Mi3's HDR mode. I don't really like how dark the sky turned out but I like how the building colours are brighten up. Lovely colours, hate the sky HDR though.

One of my favourite photo *cuts off the man's leg*  
Wonderful candy colours building
 After this place, we headed to the Kun Lam statue, that is 19.99M high. Built in 1999 to commemorate the return of Macau to China.
From a distance 
Couldn't see very well due to my stupid contact lens that day. My right eye got quite a dry trip :( But nevertheless it was nice to visit that place. Even though the visiting area had nothing much about the statue. 

After the Kun Lam Statue, we headed to Ah Ma temple, where Macau actually gotten its name. Because it is a site attraction area, there was a lot of tourists at that area. And Ah Ma temple is for fishermen (back in the olden days) to pray for safety whenever they head out to fish. 
Seems like it's under reno or something. But that's the entrance. 
I love the green looking colours~~~ HDR mode
Cute post sign. Its green too!!
I didn't take any photos inside the temple, kinda rude. But we could climb up the area, but didn't cause I'm afraid of heights T_T.  After Ah Ma Temple, we headed to Macau Tower where the highest Bungy Jump is. The wind speed on that day was 20.3KM/Hr and I could barely hold my hair down when I was outside the Macau Tower. Didn't dare to go up either, but Mi3 couldn't capture a good view of the Macau Tower T_T Had to use my Olympus EPm2 instead to take the Macau Tower.

I was excited about the next place, Ruins of St Paul's. :D The famous Catholic Church that was burnt in 1835 and all that left was that wall, the front of the church.

Attempt to take a photo of it.
The place was crowded even for a weekday, hence all photos have humans in it. :p I've tried my best for I feared that I will roll down the stairs
HDR mode
Here, using the HDR mode, Mi3 managed to make it look like a horror building. But i think its just the sky that the mode decided to darken.

The stairs down to the market, Rua das Estalagens. 
The lovely side buildings nearby Ruins of St Paul's 
Went down to the market, off we went to try out Macau's Portuguese egg tart. My Dad was waiting to get his taste buds on those wonderful egg tarts ever since we stood on Macau port. *haha*
One egg tart cost HKD$8
One can never have enough of the egg tart. I savoured every single piece of it ♥_♥. Fattening yes definitely, but I can never say no to delicious egg tarts. Casino was our last stop and we headed to Stanley Ho's Casino Lisboa for a peak before heading back to Hong Kong. I definitely wanna go back to Macau for a holiday soon again.

The rest of the trip was food, the peak and food again. I can never have enough of Hong Kong food, but I won't wanna stay there. *haha* There's no nasi lemak, something that my Dad was complaining all the way. But nevertheless I still enjoy my Hong Kong trip and am looking forward to my next trip late this year. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Sponsored] Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel

One of my favourite daily skin care product is Hada Labo ♥. Ever since I tried their facial wash and famous lotion - Super Hyaluronic  Acid Hydrating Lotion, I've never turned back to other products. Their Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Wash is the only other facial wash that doesn't gives me breakout on my second bottle besides SKII.

And now they have released another great product ! Hada Labo launches the NEW 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel for fair, bright and bouncy skin! Fast absorbing and non-oily in texture, this whitening gel boosts 3-in-1 skincare product benefits of Essence + Moisturiser + Paper Mask!

You probably think that it's another whitening product, which many brands have already introduced. But remember, Hada Labo is good for the moisturising content and this product, too, have the great moisturising content.

Personally, I'm already considered fair for most standards, even the great Vaseline instant fair couldn't even get me fair enough. I've tried on D's hand and instant fair works perfectly for him but he doesn't want me to show everyone his popping veins. *Hahaha*

But with 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel, I can see the slight difference on the first application and the effect doesn't fade off like most of the whitening products I've tired before. And now even my daily bb cream, Laneige's bb cushion No. 21 looks darker than my skin colour. =_= (waste money).

With a bit of application it doesn't leave any sticky feeling plus you can use it as a sleeping mask! It is definitely a great product to invest money in. I am officially announce I'm a Hada Labo fan.
Gel texture.
As you can see in the photo above, the texture is made into gel, which makes it easy to absorb and act as a night mask. A product that can be used in two ways is worth the money.

This product contents Arbutin which is extracted from bearberry plant, hence its natural, so you do not have to worry about artificial whitening ingredients. My mum is always skeptical about whitening products and now she have no worries with this whitening perfect gel. *thumbs up* Besides that, it also content Vitamin C which we all know that it can even out skin tone and prevents dullness. Don't we girls want great, fair skin? ;)

So what does this product improves on? 
Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel contains 3 trinity efficacious ingredients that penetrate within and work on:
  • Natural Arbutin: High concentration levels at 3% of Japanese pharmaceutical-level Arbutin to offer effective whitening results. Enhances skin fairness and targets dark spots. 
  • Efficacious Vitamin C Concentrate: Proven anti-oxidant enhances collagen production, inhibits the appearance of dark spots and reawakens the appearance of dull skin. 
  • Hyaluronic Acids (HA) and nano-Hyaluronic Acids: HA is a natural component found on skin. The duo-HA molecules instantly hydrate and lock-in moisture, keeping skin soft, smooth bouncy. 
  • Fair, Bright and Bouncy skin from within with Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel.

Look out to win this product
So after reading how great this product is, Hada Labo is going to have a 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel Snow Princess Game on their SG official Facebook. Do look out for the game, and who knows, you might be the winner of this product!

Try it out now~ 
If you can't wait for the game and want to try out this product before purchasing, not to worry, SampleStore has the product for you to redeem, while stock last! Do check them out often for the product redemption and to try out great products there! (:

Where to buy: 
You can purchase it at BHG, Guardian, NTUC, OG, Robinsons, Sasa, Unity and Watsons at $38.90/80g.

Remember to try out Hada Labo's other products too if you haven't! ^_^

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Review] Redmi Camera, Game Qualities.....

Since I've got a Redmi, I had to just test out the camera and its gaming qualities. I think that's my main concern when it comes to getting a new phone. Normal social applications like instagram, hangout, Facebook, twitter works just fine like any other phone. But not all phones have good camera or gaming qualities. My S3 has lag so badly that I can barely even load games. 

So Redi has a 8MP camera, not that great in today market since Samsung offers up to 13MP for back camera. However, a 8MP camera turns out not bad for a phone camera. Here's some of the photos I've took, in 6MP, fine quality, using Steve Job (without specs) as the model :p 
With Flash
Close up
Looking great, Steve Job! hahaha. I think its pretty decent enough for a phone camera, even though its just 8MP. Great to showcase your favourite scene or food using this phone. :D

This phone is just normal in its gaming qualities, good for games like flappy bird, candy crush, clash of clans. But however, serious gamers, especially those who like graphic intensive games e.g. RPG games, this phone is not the one for you. It cannot support those games. 
Here's screenshot of the games that can be played on the phone. Just some choices, not everything. :p
Clash of Clans 
Deer Hunter Reloaded 
GunZombie: Hellgate
The graphics of these games looks decent to me. But for gamers who want better gaming performance, then maybe not this phone.

I think with technology advancement, I'm worried about the security of my phone. Like which apps are actually secretly running. :x And finding a good security app isn't easy, especially when you want to get a free one (cheapo me:p) Worry not, Redmi actually has a pre-load security application.
The security app
The cleaner can clear the data cache and residuals files. The data usage allows you to keep track on the amount of data that each app is using and you can set a data limit for the whole phone. The blacklist allows you to block contacts! *hooray* Power is to track the estimated remaining power duration and the battery configuration allows you to optimise the battery usage. 

Won't explain more on virus scan, but definitely this is one of the most useful tool in this security. Lastly, permissions allows you to adjust the access of different applications. (: One app, 6 great use.

Using the AnTuTu benchmark, you can see where your phone position based on performance among the rest of the phones including HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung and Sony.
This is my Redmi Specs 
Fallshort behind S3 by a bit.
If this set was running on Snapdragon processor, the result could have been different. :D 
So would you get a Redmi? The next batch order release will be on this Thursday, 27 Feb. There's still time to consider. (: