Friday, December 26, 2014

[Sponsored] MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

I'm a collagen lover since I've passed the age of 25. Why since then? It is because our body starts to slow down in collage and elastin production by then that's why we will start to have wrinkles and saggy skin by age 35-40. NOOOO! I won't want to have saggy face and wrinkles by age 35. In order to prevent that from happening, I started to take in collagen supplements.

A box of MIEUX by MU Nutrition+
 So Mary Chia came out with this new product, MU MIEX Collagen MU Nutrition+, which not only provides collagen but also other supplements that our body needs. Besides containing BHN fish collagen to maintain the collagen level in our body, it also contain apple extract,Co-Q10, Ceramides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Malic Acid and Maltitol.

All these ingredients can combat the following:
  • Pre-mature ageing due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs
  • Improve body’s detoxification abilities
  • Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics)
  • Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation
  • Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
  • Enhance overall organ functions
  • Increase energy levels and vitality
  • Improve immunity  
The 8 bottles in the box
This is so easy to replenish collagen and other supplements for my body. All I need is a bottle daily as each bottle contains 3000mg collagen which is the right amount that I need everyday. And I could see the effect of drinking this on the second week of consumption.

I felt great after consuming the whole box and my skin looks brighter. I can't comment much on fairer since my face is fair enough. Each box contains 8 bottles of 50ml MU MIEX Collagen MU Nutrition+. And I love it because it has this fruity flavour and not too sweet for consumption. Some collagen are really too sweet for my liking.

Drink a bottle (50ml) daily before you head to bed and it is best to drink it chilled. Remember to shake it well before drinking and to be finished once opened.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

[Sponsored] ClearSK® Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial

What causes acne? Usually it caused by dead skin cells that clogs up the pores, which results in oil glance stuck under those pores. Initially I thought cleaning our skins with just facial cleanser and applying toner would clean off those dead cells. But, I was wrong, as you can never completely clean those dead skin cells with normal daily wash.

ClearSK® Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial is the solution to prevent acne and cleans of dead skin cells. This treatment get rid of dead skins, maintenance of acne prone or combination skin, correction of acne marks/scars, reducing fine lines and balancing uneven skin tone.

I am glad to take up the treatment as I've learnt more about acne and dead skin cells. Our skins are usually clog with dead skin cells that we can't see with our naked eyes. So even if we cleanse our face with facial wash it is never clean, as the dead skin cells residue will still remain on our skin. They not only clog your pores that may result in acne, but they also slow down the process of the absorption from your skin care products.

My first treatment with ClearSK, I had a verbal analysis by their staff before I was brought into a small room. The staff, Jolene explained to me that the dead skin cells are removed using the aqua machine so that the pores would be clean throughly and allow them to absorb the essences better.

The machine that was used for cleaning the dead skin cells and serum application
During the cleaning process, I felt tingling of pain as Jolene was kinda "scrubbing" my face with the tube. I was informed that it may leave red spots after that. But thankfully mine didn't have any. After the cleaning, Jolene showed me the cotton that contained my dead skin cells and mainly were on my nose. *haha* I do have a lot of dead skin cells and clog nose. Next she applied three different serum through the machine. The first serum is to balance the PH level of the skin, the second one is to control the oil on the skin. And if there is no visible acne issues, the second serum would be applied on the T zone. The last serum is the hydraulic acid, this is to replenish the moist in the skin.

Once the application of the serum is done, the mask is prepared while waiting for the skin to absorb the serum and the mask provided is also to replenish moisture and to calm down the skin. As the skin may experience slight warmth and slight on treated areas. It was really soothing with the serum and masked applied that I fell asleep during the "mask time".

Once the mask is removed, the treatment is done. Jolene informed me that the skin required SPF30 and above when heading out as the skin is recovering from the treatment. Overall this treatment is satisfying as I can see visible results of cleaner skin right after the treatment and my skin does not have any red marks or discomfort from the treatment. I am happy that Jolene and Princess were able to provide me the information I needed about my treatment and also the after care.

This is the result comparing the most visible part, the nose.
Above picture is taken before the treatment and after the treatment. I'm showing the nose as that is the most visible part of the whole treatment in my opinion. *ahah* Basically the nose is cleaner than before.

After the first treatment, there was a slight breakout on my left chin, which is the part that is most venerable to breakouts. When I went back for my second treatment, I was told that it was normal as the clogs were ready to surface. But the acne went away after the second treatment.

After four sessions I can see that my skin have less dead skin cells, not as prone to acne. However, I do notice that I will need to continue with the treatment in order to clean away more dead skin cells as the most visible part on my face is my nose. So its like a long term treatment if I wanna prevent acne, and yes I'm acne-prone but not as back as back acne. *sob sob*

A few of their product skin care series displayed at their Velocity outlet. 
For those who don't like crowded facial places, ClearSK offers a wonderful ambience as they do not have many rooms but they do keep it quiet and private for every customer. And they have their own products to target at different skin issues. If you like to have a session to try out before you decide to sign up with them, head over here to redeem: For first time customers only. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

[Sponsored Post] Reduze Pro

Do you feel upset whenever you start to gain weight from work stress or a sudden change in lifestyle? I do, especially work stress, as I tend to gain a little weight from work. No one can deny that work stress makes them fat. This results in an unbalanced microflora that led to weight gain, excess fats storage and toxin.

But yet, we are unsure if those weight management products are effective as there are cases of weight rebound after stopping those. And people like me, are too lazy to have a strict diet and exercise, I must admit it is not easy to keep up with one.

I've gained a few kg after my trip to Korea and I was a little upset with gaining weight after losing from a change of work and lifestyle. Everyone is scare of rebound after losing that much. *haha* But with Reduze Pro, I don't have to worry about the extra kgs.

Reduze Pro helps in detox through the triple action formula:
1. Rebalance Gut Flora
2. Improve Digestive System
3. Sustainable Weight Loss

This helps in eliminating the toxins and waste in the body and also increase regular bowl movements. With daily toxin removed from my body, my skin gets cleaner, I have clearer complexion and I feel less bloated after food with Reduze Pro.  It also helps in burning the fats and flatten my tummy. In turn, my weight is reduced, as it also increase in satiety, as I will not over eat more than I should be daily.

Based on scientific research, Reduze Pro is 8x more weight loss, 52% increase in bowel frequency, 29% decrease in calorie intake and it has 20 Billion live probiotics per dose.

But of coz like, any other weight loss products, results may vary for different people.
For me, it may not be as fast as I want to, but I can see the slight significant weight loss after 3 weeks. There is about 1kg stable weight loss and my body feels a little more toned as compared. I crave lesser for junk food and I don't feel as hungry as before. My tummy is slightly flatten and I feel healthier about my body now. Great to continue on the weight loss program.

Direction of usage:
For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food. For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2 capsules daily.

Now you can purchase Reduze Pro from Guardian, John Little, Metro, Ntuc Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity and Watsons. Besides retail store, it is also available on Rakuten.

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