Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kingston Year of the Rooster USB Drive Joins Data Traveler Chinese Zodiac Series

As Chinese New Year draws closer, it is the time for some people to celebrate the upcoming year of the Rooster. And this year, Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, announced The Year of the Rooster USB drive on 12 Jan, as their latest addition to its Data Traveler Chinese Zodiac USB drive lineup.

Build with metallic rose-gold hue and USB 3.1 speeds, the Year of the Rooster USB drive has superior quality in a high-end design, which makes it a special gift for the joyful season. Over the years, Kingston Data Traveler Chinese Zodiac USB drive lineup has been one of the most popular product among collectors.

This year, the laser cut-out Rooster USB drive comes in a unique-designed red-themed box. Shipping now, the simple plug-and-play drive with fast USB 3.1 performance offers convenient and easily transportable storage for pictures, music, video and other important data files.

With a capacity of 32GB, the Year of the Rooster USB drive is backed by a 5-year warranty, free technical support, and legendary Kingston reliability.

Kingston Year of the Rooster USB Limited Edition Features & Specifications:
• Dimensions: 47mm x 29mm x 8mm
• Compliant: USB 3.1
• Capacity: 32GB
• OS Compatibility: Windows10, 8.1, 8, 7(SP1), Vista(SP2), Mac OS X v.10.7.x+, Linux v 2.6.x+, Chrome OS
• Part Number: DTCNY17/32GB
• Warranty / Support: 5-year warranty with free technical support

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

E-BLUE Begins Global Rollout of The World's First Hybrid-Tower Monitor plus the Flagship E-Sports Stadium at CES

E-BLUE entered 2017 with a blast as they unveils two extraordinary products at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) at Las Vegas, defining the new perspective of gaming reality. The new launched products have successfully hit the eSports industry while exceeding everyone’s expectation including PC and gaming developers, as well as gamers.

With years of R&D effort, E-BLUE proudly presents the world’s first Hybrid-Tower Monitor, SCION-32 to public. This revolutionary all-in-one masterpiece unifies the mainframe computer with HD monitor, unleashing limitless gaming experience.

SCION-32 is a custom-built station, users can flexibly build in their favorite PC components to enhance the performance. It supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX, highly compatible with most of the display cards while preserving sufficient ports for multiple devices and USB connection. It builds with two hard disk slots, one for HD and the other for SSD.

To ensure superb heat dissipation, SCION-32 is well-equipped with a 3D air-piping system and double silent fans of 1500RPM, air is ventilated like no others, providing gamers the coolest performance in the battlefield.

While the 32” HD monitor (2K, 2560x1440) would absolutely take your breath away, the panoramic view is as incredible as the mega screen in theater, gamers would just intensely immerse into the fictitious world. The monitor can be flexibly adjusted to any angle, thanks to the highly durable damper bearing which can stand for 50K abrasion resistance. LED illumination on the sides further stimulates the cybernetic mood.

How does this hybrid of monitor and PC case would look like in addition to all the remarkable features? Visitors of CES described SCION-32 gets “the most chic, futuristic and coolest outlook” that they have never seen in other PCs before. Yes, innovative design is always the core competence of E-BLUE that wins the hearts of its fans. SCION-32 bears an imaginative design that put into reality, more than an epic, SCION-32 rewrites the history of PC.

”SCION-32 is an outcome of creativity, innovation, inspired craftsmanship, meticulous details, passion and tremendous R&D effort, it represents a revolution. We at E-BLUE do not want something ordinary, we are keen on breaking the boundary and revolutionize the typical PC format that would uplift the user experience and industry’s standard. This is the reason why we are here”, said by Mr. Jason Lo, Managing Director of E-BLUE.

SCION-32 will be firstly available in US in first quarter of 2017 and will be expanded to global markets subsequently. It will be the most hero product among the brand’s gaming line.

Another big fascination at CES is the paradigm of E-Sport Stadium setting up at the exhibition hall, which is the flagship project of E-BLUE that seduced thousands of guests coming to experience and discussing about collaboration. E-BLUE E-Sport Stadium is a ground-breaking concept that chains up gamers, stadium owners, game publishers, sponsors and advertisers in one platform. With the ambition to uplift users’ experience in eSports world, the brand takes a big stride transforming traditional cyber café business into high-standard eSports stadium, and the good news is, everyone can own their stadium too! As E-BLUE has formulated a successful system to replicate E-Sports Stadium across different countries. The concept was launched in late 2015, since then there are over 200 stadiums opened in US, Asia, Europe and Middle East, more stadiums are confirmed opening in 2017.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

E-Blue E-Sports Stadium Makes Debut at Malaysia's Annual LAN Party CyberFusion 2016

Last Dec E-BLUE captured everyone’s heart at CyberFusion 2016, the largest LAN Party in South East Asia which is held annually where E-Sports and PC enthusiasts gather yearly across Malaysia. 

E-BLUE is renowned for its PC and gaming peripherals, making a debut in Malaysia early last year. Introducing ground breaking concept of E-Sports Stadium, E-BLUE is changing the cyber business scene ambitiously, it revitalizes the typical internet cafes into a completely new and competitive business model, offering gamers an ultimate gaming experience beyond their imagination.

Gamers at CyberFusion were in for a treat as they were invited to experience E-BLUE Combat Zone, equipped the real E-Sports tournament setup that is extremely cybernetic, futuristic and cannot be found anywhere. It also remarked the pre-launch of E-BLUE gaming series that is first time introduced in Malaysia.

During the 3 days 2 night event, which was held during 9 to 11 Dec, gamers were overwhelmed by the exhilaration, especially when they received the abundance of fabulous prizes sponsored by E-BLUE, not only they could win an array of gears including the exclusive Ironman series, the luckiest winner can even play at our VIP lounge with his team of 10.

Besides winning through games, there was a picture contest where the prize given was the Auroza Gaming Chair, which is the world’s No.1 gaming chair as rated by PC Gamer. This further stirred up the momentum and the chair finally went to the winner who successfully got over 10,000 likes on instagram in three days event.

“The whole E-Sport Stadium concept – environment, settings and peripherals are extremely incredible, it is nothing like I’ve ever seen and this is the standard that current internet cafes have to transform to, we as gamers always want to game at an excellent gaming environment and giving us a platform to enjoy, train and perform” said by a Cyberfusionist named Darryl Tan.

Many others gamers also gave similar feedback and really long for E-BLUE to open new E-Sports Stadiums near their living and study areas.

Over 200 gamers participated and enjoyed 3 days and 2 night of pure gaming madness. E-BLUE is determined to bringing more exciting events to gamers and leading E-Sports as a mainstream in South East Asia. There will be more and more big moves coming up, stay tuned with E-BLUE.

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