Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Had a chance to attend NVIDIA's private gaming party event, Play The Future with GeForce GTX on the 11 Dec at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. It was held at level 1, Chengal 2.

Hi food! 
Reached there just in time, as the event was supposed to start at 6pm with dinner allocated till 7pm. We were given a private pass and a t-shirt for this event. Had dinner first while waiting for them to allocate rooms for us to try out the VR. There were only 3 station, and two of it was in each room, designed to give us the space to experience VR to the fullest.

The room where the one of the station was held. 
I got my chance to try out two different station since out of the three, two station had the same games to try out. The first station that I tried out had three games on VR for us to test, however, no photos of the games itself allowed as the games just looked normal on computer screen anyways.

The first game was The Blue, the setting of the game is underwater, on a shipwreck. The objective was for us to touch the fish and also the big whale. I was terrified, for I have never stood so close looking at the eyes of a whale, and secondly, it was all so real that was trying not to stare at the whale too long. Of course, my main fear was the tail of that big whale, it was racing in my mind "OMG OMG OMG, will the tail hit me in the face?". Probably those who were in the room were laughing at my silly actions. Trust me, I looked silly as it was just 2D on computer screen but it was all sooooooo real with VR.

The second game is Cool draw, or something, can't remember as it was not that scary. Actually that game is pretty cool as you can change the canvas to something that you like, it can be starry night, or space. You can be as creative as you want, walking into your drawings , enjoying what you can create. Basically it is a safe environment of your own world~~

The last game for the first station is to fix the robots, basically you are the so-call "mechanics". This game allowed you to test the remote to pull, turn and push. Pretty interesting as you can feel the remote's vibration in every movement. Wells, it was still scary for me, for I was afraid that the bits and pieces of the parts will fall onto me. And from what I know, no one managed to find the faulty part of that machine that we were supposed to work on. 30 seconds was given for each player to find the faulty part, dang! I failed and suddenly the floor decided to open and dumped out the poor robot. That was my ultimate fear! To fall off the room and i tried to moved myself as far from that portal as possible *sweats*. Poor staff had to pacify me that it was okay, I'm still on ground floor, I'm not going to fall off. But it was so real that I cannot contain my own fear T_T.

After experiencing the VR in the first station, I was as shaken as a little lamb. This is how future gaming would be like, experiencing each game at its fullest, real-life experience. If CS were to be set in VR, I would wonder if each player gets to feel the pain of each bullet if they get shoot in the game :p. hahaha But I would love to experience games like the second game, Cool Draw (or something), where I can glaze into the lovely skyline while enjoying my own creation.
Taking shoot of the station while someone else was trying out. 
The second station was just a sit down setting with a few games for us to choose, and a time-frame of 5 minutes each player. I got the chance to try out two games and it was fun to be able to look into the game 360 degrees with the Oculus glasses. Tried out a sword battle and a machine battle game, wells I suck in the machine battle because I'm not used to game controllers. The overall experience was fun but not as fun as the first station.

One of their staff, Sharone trying out the games after everyone was done. :p 
The overall experience with Nvidia was truly amazing and wells, in the near future with VR introduced to the market, I can turn one of my rooms into a gaming room. Soon Soon, as a part of my wishlist.
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

[Sponsored] Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight

During that one week of each month, I will get a little jilted, especially at night. Because I suffer from  heavy flow on the first 3 days of my menses cycle and what's worse is that I don't wake up in the middle of the night most of the time. There are days that i will end up with overnight period leakage and start panicking in the morning *groans*.
32cm Overnight Pad
Now I do not have to worry about overnight period leakage. Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight resolves this issue, as I do not suffer from overnight period leakage anymore. Changing to Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight makes me realise that I do not have panic or be embarrassed about overnight period leakage.

LUXE Ultrathin Overnight is the pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault. The all-new Kotex LUXE Ultrathin pad is the new revolutionary pad where softness and dryness comes together. There are three main functions that combines to make me feel comfortable and be top of my game!

The New Honeycomb Liquid-Locker rapidly absorbs and locks away the fluid to help keep your skin dry and comfortable. This is important, especially during heavy flow, some pads does not keep the fluid away, thus it makes wearing them uncomfortable.

The second main function is the New Surround Lock Protection, where the surrounding of the pad is embossed with star-contours. This is designed to help provide you with additional security and leakage protection.

The last main function, New Ultra Comfort Cover, specially designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pad. The honeycomb centre helps keep your skin dry, while the surrounding soft cottony surface helps provide intimate care for your skin.

Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight pad is so comfortable that I can sleep soundly throughout the night without worrying about sudden leakage attack. Also it is absorbs fast and keeps my skin dry the whole night. I do not have to worry about skin irritation like some other pads cause overnight, as it is suitable for all skin type.
24cm daytime pad
For daytime, the 24cm Kotex Ultrathin pad comes in as effective as the night time pad for regular flows. No more worries about leakage at work or any embarrassment. It is so thin that I will tend to forget that I have pad on, but I do not have to worry about any leakage and feeling uneasy as it keeps my skin dry and comfortable with its fast absorption and leakage proof protection. My worries are gone!
The length difference isn't very huge but with an extra 6 cm keeps me comfortable overnight and I am able to get my beauty sleep even during my period.
If you are not sure Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight is the one for you, you can check out free samples from SampleStore or head over to Kotex Singapore Facebook to redeem free samples. 

Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Overnight is available now at $5.95 per pack. :) Time to stock up before the cycle comes again. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Sponsored] Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

Remember last year Essential released a product to combat bed hair issues? Essential Sleeping Hair Mask could combat bed hair, shortening the time needed to get your hair ready for work in the morning. 

This September they have relaunches the Leave On Treatment range with the brand new CC Oil and Night Care Milk! 

So what does CC in the CC oil stands for? Not colour corrector :p, but Cuticle Care. It works the same as the BB/CC cream for skincare. CC Oil protects your hair against 5 stresses, leaving you with more beautiful, less tangles and manageable hair.

What are the 5 stresses that CC Oil protects your hair against? 
Brazan Blow-Drying Stress
This stress removes moist from your hair, both insides and outside. Leaving the hair dry, brittle and susceptible for further damage. 
Cruel Combing Stress
The second stress, Cruel Combing Stress, caused by daily combing through wet hair. This action causes great hair damage as the hair follicle is at is most fragile state. Likewise, the friction caused by coming through dry hair can form hair knots which makes hair prone to unnecessary breakage. 

Spiteful Split Ends Stress
The third stress, Spiteful Split Ends Stress destroys the ends of the hair which are oldest and dries parts into two with his karate skills. Split ends can go up to 10 split per end! 
Badass Breakage Stress
The fourth stress seems so harmless, but yet it is as bad as brazan blow-dry stress! Besides daily heat styling, blow drying and brushing, other seemingly harmless actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair with your fingers exert excessive stress on your hair, resulting in hair breakage. 
Despicable Dryness Stress
The last stress, Despicable Dryness Stress, like the name suggest, it ruins the happy ending of every girl and loath at the sight of gorgeous hair. Exposure to the sun, wind or even air-conditioning can result in hair dryness. The hair cuticle that protects the hair is weakened and is unable to retain moisture within the cuticles of the hair. 

CC Oil 
To combat these 5 stresses, the Essential CC Oil coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection. The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle-free all day! And it is easy to use! Just need to apply it on towel-dried hair or damped hair, pumping an appropriate amount, apply it from mid-hair down. And you don't have to rinse it! 

After applying CC Oil
This is my hair state after applying CC Oil. It helps in coating a layer of protection, without leaving oiliness on my hair. My hair felt smooth and tangled-free the whole day at work. 

Besides combating the 5 stresses, our hair also come in contact with Pillow Friction, this usually happens when we toss and turn at night. This friction is causes the cuticles to be misaligned. Misaligned cuticles creates frizz, resulting in the fabulous lion’s mane the next morning. But in order to "reset" the lion's mane, we have to shower early in the morning to ensure our hair looks perfect for work. But this means sacrificing our beauty sleep! T_T 
Night Care Milk
To solve this issue and get extra beauty sleep, Essential Night Care Milk helps to protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around each hair strand and prevent misaligned cuticles when hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving hair more manageable the next morning. And application is as easy as abc! All we need to do is to apply this on damp hair or dry hair before we head to bed! It will do its magic throughout the night. The next morning our hair will be all ready for work! The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle free all day. And it contains Hair Supplement Oil, which is similar to hair’s natural oil.
The next day after applying Night Care Milk the night before
This is my hair right after I wake up, applying Night Care Milk the night before. And I am all ready to head for work! No need to "reset" my hair early in the morning and it is time to catch up for more beauty sleep. All I need to do before I head out for work is to comb my hair once and voila, my hair is as neat as it is right after shower. The best part is my hair doesn't feel oily throughout the whole day and they smell nice. 

Now Essential is having a campaign where you can win attractive prizes weekly! All you have to do is to head over to their facebook, and click Play Game or click this link to start playing the game! You will play as Essential’s Mane Hero and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King! 

Feeling stress that you need your dose of CC Oil and Night Care Milk? 
Now you can get it at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies. Both retailing at $11.90 each, which is worth for all the beauty sleep you can have.