Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The bird and I

I was, and am not, a bird lover. Even though I envy the fact that they have the freedom to fly as high as they can, I am still not a bird lover. And that turned into bird phobia in 2013. I remembered clearly that horrible afternoon outside Starbucks at Wheelock Place.

Okaii, maybe I was stupid too, after mugging for exams, my brains probably didn't think so much. I ordered a tea and a slice of cheesecake, not realizing a bunch of birds were eyeing on me. I wanted to find a quiet place to sit down and start mugging one of my modules and most of the time, Starbucks are filled with people and that was the same situation then. They only left those tall round tables that you can barely place a book and your tea on the same table while trying to write on your blank papers. So i opted to sit outside, as they had plenty of tables and some people were outside too, but in groups. Little did I know those evil birds already planned on mugging me! :(  The moment i placed my tea and cake outside, the whole bunch flew over. I moved my cake away immediately but alas, the birds were smarter, they worked in groups. I only managed to pull my tea away but not my books and cake. They started attacking the cake and walking on top of my books! :( The minute I walked closer to them, they will stop eating and stared at me with their evil eyes, daring me to go closer to them. They knew I was alone, had too many things to carry, there was no way I could save my cake.

Everyone else was staring, even those people who were busy with their own stuffs inside, stopped and stared. No one had a solution to chasing the birds away, until one of the Starbucks staff came out and shoo away the birds. Thankfully, I was saved, but rather shocked and scared at how the vicious the birds were. The staff was nice enough to change a cake for me, and I moved into the air-con area, surrendering my fate to a tiny tall table to study. I was grateful to the staff but died a little inside, and developed bird phobia. :(

To date, whenever I see birds flying closer, I tend to shun my way, just in case they start attacking me. However, I had to endure another bird vs me situation today. The bird flew into the kitchen while I was alone at home. I have closed the windows to the space that it shouldn't be able to fly in but somehow, the damn bird managed to squeeze in. It's not a small bird, but its a blackbird with yellow beak. I have no idea which species it is, but it is relatively common in Singapore. And they crowd around the area I'm staying a lot! They probably breed one corner around here that I remembered a friend told me that they had to engage eagles to chase all these birds away.

Anyways, back to the birds vs me situation. Being me, I panicked and close the kitchen door, in my mind thinking, before it starts to fly to the living room and shit around. Called up D and asked for help, he told me to open the kitchen door and the front door to let it out. But there was no way could I face the bird myself. So I was thinking, should I let it out from the front door? For I am also worried that it may stop in front of my shrimp tank and start attacking those poor shrimps. While I was pondering and checking on the bird, I realized it was trying to get out, but it couldn't squeeze through the opening that it came in before, it started to panic and called for his friend. His friend was trying to open the window, so that the bird could fly out. The bird kept looking outside the window, trying to figure out how to get out, looking for solutions through the toilet and in the kitchen.

It dawned to me, that is the situation we may face in life. We can see the wonderful world outside the window, but we do not know how to get out to the wonderful world. We are trapped, yet we can see the tiny opening to the outside world. How do we get ourselves out from that situation. I have no answer to that yet, but the bird got me into thinking. So I decided to pluck up the courage, geared myself up, switch off every available light near the shrimps, opened the front door, and opened the kitchen door.

There was no sign of the bird, even in the toilet, what was left from the bird was its' shit. *cursed* So it managed to get out from the way it got in. After numerous attempts to get out from various ways. I am thinking right now, if it is a sign for me.

Monday, March 30, 2015

[Sponsored] My Beauty Diary Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black

My Beauty Diary has been around in the Singapore market for quite a couple of years and I remembered trying out their Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask. I loved that mask a lot as my skin requires a lot of hydration replenishing. I tend to get super dry skin every once a while, especially the nose. :( And since then it has rose up to being No. 1 Facial and Eye Mask brand in Singapore with their wide range of mask, targeting different ladies with different skin issue. 

To help ladies with different skin issues, even sensitive skin, My Beauty Diary has recently improved their formula, features and packaging. The enhanced mask range now features a uniquely patented ingredient - Cosphingo™ with long-lasting moisturizing property for improved hydration, enabling the skin to feel soft and supple like baby’s skin! Made of high-quality fine and smooth cotton fibres from Japan, the cotton sheet mask feels extremely gentle on the skin, and its exceptional absorption ability allows the essences from the mask to be thoroughly absorbed by the skin, enhancing its skin care benefits. Besides the quality of the mask, the masks are free from harmful paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oil, pigments and fluorescent agents, making it safe for our skins ladies! 

Besides having the enhanced mask range, My Beauty Diary have recently introduced a new range to their current wide range of mask. The New Black Mask Range is their latest line and it comes with three e exquisite variants - Black Obsidian Moisturizing, Black Rose Brightening and Black Pearl Total Effect Black Masks. This new range uses the mystical black ingredients to help eliminate skin pigmentation, unevenness and loose skin caused by UV rays and environmental impurities. It also helps in restoring uneven skin tone, enhance skin elasticity, leaving our skin rejuvenated, deeply moisturized with dewy radiance! QQ like baby skin, which what most girls wish for! Wells i definitely would want my baby skin backkkkk. 

What's so special about the New Black Mask range besides the wonderful black ingredients that helps in getting baby skin radiance and texture back are the two special features of this range that are shown below. 

The two special feature of the New Black Mask range
Conforming to my neck is something I will look for in purchasing a mask, as most of the mask are still the standard facial mask, it doesn't not moisturize all the way to the neck. This is one of my concern as our neck requires daily protection and replenishing too! Masking all the way till my neck covers my jaw line, where I tend to get dry and pimple breakouts *argggh* Especially on my left side of the chin, hence this mask comes in handy in conquering all my issues on my face and neck. And with the 3D Hyaluronic acid, it doesn't lose the moisture of my skin and my skin needs deep hydration. I've not come across any mask that has Yeast Compound and it is amazing to see my skin glow after usage due to the Yeast compound contain in the mask itself. 

Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask
In this range I'm going to try out Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask, which is suitable for normal skin types & especially recommended for skin requiring intense hydration and illumination. This is good for ladies who work in air-con office as our skin tends to get dry up due to the dryness in the air. (I think that's why my nose's skin tends to peel off once a while) 

Each box contains 5 pieces. Selling at $16.90/box. 
The Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask contains Bladder wrack seaweed, Aloe vera, and hydrolyzed Jojoba, which are essential in improving hydration in our skin, allowing it to feel optimally nourished, revitalized with glowing luminosity. Also, to relieve dry, rough and irritated skin, enriched with numerous soothing ingredients like Calendula officinalis, Licorice are added in this Black Mask. Like the name of the mask, the France Black Obsidian helps to support the skin’s protective mechanism and enhances the skin’s hydrating power. The infusion of Laminaria digitata and sugar maple delivers intense hydration to the deep layers of skin to improve dry skin texture, revealing renewed and brighter skin.

My face before using the mask. You can see the dullness and the dryness near to the chin area
This is my skin before using the mask. You can see that the skin is a little dry and yes I have pimples and clogs on my left jaw line. *sigh* 

While applying the mask
You can see that the mask fits my face just nice, unlike some 3D masks that makes you feel like you have a face too small for the mask. Some of the masks just doesn't fit nicely on the face but this mask fits fine for my face. 
After using the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask
This is after applying the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask for 20 mins. My skin looks a little firmer, less dull, brighter and the pores looks a little smaller. D said my skin looks more radiant in real life even though he got shocked by the black mask. :p I am definitely applying this mask every night before I head to bed so I would look more radiant every morning! 

My Beauty Diary's New Black Mask range is now available at, a box of 5 for $16.90. 

For a limited time period, MyBeautyDiarySG Facebook fans get to try the Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask first-hand by redeeming their FREE samples in a ‘Group Redemption Deal’. Valid only for the first 1,000 fans who participate in this group deal, the deal would only be unlocked once 1,000 entries are received. Each of these 1,000 fan will receive a single-piece pack of Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask, worth $3.95 each! So hurry and share with your friends now!! If you have liked and unlock, you can redeem yours right here 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

[Sponsored Post] Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for face

As we entered the third month of this brand new year, and about a week after Lunar New Year, I feel that my facial skin looks a little dull and wells, old looking. I think I've reached to the point where I should start to do daily face and neck massage, so that my face will look more uplifted and less wrinkles. Not that I have lots of visible wrinkles but smile lines are definitely too deep. :(

Skin Therapy Oil for Face
Recently, Palmer's have introduced a new product, Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil, which is a multi-purpose skin perfecting dry oil for face & neck. Probably something that can help in targeting my worried issues, as this is specially formulated to deliver targeted anti-ageing skin care benefits directly to the face and neck. I always remember my neck, which is important as most people tends to forget that their neck skin ages too! So whatever facial products you are applying on your face can be used for your neck too.

Founded in America in 1840s, Palmer's has been around for a long time and since then it has become one of the world’s leading names in skincare, a brand that women around the world have grown up with. Their unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time. Generations of families have loved the fantastic moisturizing qualities of Palmer’s skincare range, and millions of women around the world agree. Palmer's number #1 formula, the Cocoa Butter Formula, is one of their key offerings in their wide range products. They do not just specialize in facial care but also in hand and body care, stretch mark care, hair care, body care and personal care.

Some people may not like the thick smell of Cocoa Butter, I am one of them, but when it comes to Palmer's products, I'm willing to try as the smell is not over powering and they are effective. Besides being effective, they are still committed in creating affordable products so that anyone can have a chance to have the best skincare route.
Not tested on animals!Hooray! 
Why I like Palmer's products is mainly because they are against animal testing and their products are cruelty free. Plus most of their products are free of Parabens, Phthalates and Sulphates. I can rest assured that my skin isn't exposed to toxic ingredients. Also their key ingredients in all their skincare products includes Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Before using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is my skin before using the Therapy Oil, you can see that my skin is a little dry and I have smile lines that sometimes makes me look old *feels sad*. And my skintones are uneven, especially the second half of my face. *bugger* Can't see if my skin is dry though in the picture, but I do tend to have dry nose that's so dry that it starts peeling. :(

After using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is after using the Therapy Oil for massage, and the smile lines are less visible and my skintone looks brighter and not so uneven. My skins feels a little more moisturized and not so clogged up. Some people may have some concerns about the oil as one perceptive of Oil products is that it will clog your skin and it feels sticky after usage. After using, I can firmly say that Therapy Oil does not have that argh feeling even though it may be a little sticky on the side. Therapy Oil is actually a lightweight facial treatment helps repair past damage while restoring and brightening skin tone and texture.
It just roll off the back of my hand like water. 
It's so light that even before I squeeze it out from the applicator, it actually dripped a little, it's not the really Oily kind of texture. In order to achieve the balance to create an agent to help in perfecting our facial skin, Palmer's had combined 10 other natural oils besides their super natural beauty ingredient, Pure Cocoa Butter. The 10 natural oils are: Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Camelina Oil, Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil. These natural oil ingredients are known of soothing of oneself and when they are used together, they are able to work synergistically to deliver the anti-aging nutrition your face needs for healthier, younger-looking skin.

To combat anti-aging, Retinol, which is a natural derivative of Vitamin A is added in to help the body increase the production of collagen and speed up surface cell turnover. This also improves skin’s tone and texture helping reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles uneven skin tone and dark spots. Not forgetting Vitamin C, as we all know, it is a natural antioxidant responsible for the growth and repair of tissues and production of collagen. It also helps brighten and even skin tone and texture.

But again, this is not a for-all age skincare product. Yes I have reached to a level where I should be concern about wrinkles and dull skin tone, but I'm not at the age where I have to apply this daily. But for ladies who are 35 and above, this should be added as your nightly routine essential. As some of us may start to have deep smile lines but ladies 35 and above may start to see crow's feet. (opps) Time to try out how effective Palmer's SKin Therapy Oil for face, not forgetting your neck too!
Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil is now available at leading pharmacies and cosmetic stores like Watsons, Guardians, John Little, Unity, BHG. It is retailing at $29.90 for a bottle size of 30ml, which will probably last you at least 2-3 months with nightly usage. 
For ladies who have purchased or planning to purchase retail-size Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil from Watson's online store or from physical stores, do join their instagram contest! From now till 25th April 2015, you can post your selfie with your retail-size Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil on your instagram and remember to hashtag #Palmers #PalmersSg #PalmersSTOFace! Stand a chance to win the Grand prize of $150 cash and $80 Palmer's hamper or Consolation prize of $100 cash and $80 Palmer's hamper. Winners will be announced on the 30th April 2015 and collection would at Bugis. 

If you are not convinced to get the retail size, you can head over to Sample Store and redeem a sachet and try before you commit.