Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The bird and I

I was, and am not, a bird lover. Even though I envy the fact that they have the freedom to fly as high as they can, I am still not a bird lover. And that turned into bird phobia in 2013. I remembered clearly that horrible afternoon outside Starbucks at Wheelock Place.

Okaii, maybe I was stupid too, after mugging for exams, my brains probably didn't think so much. I ordered a tea and a slice of cheesecake, not realizing a bunch of birds were eyeing on me. I wanted to find a quiet place to sit down and start mugging one of my modules and most of the time, Starbucks are filled with people and that was the same situation then. They only left those tall round tables that you can barely place a book and your tea on the same table while trying to write on your blank papers. So i opted to sit outside, as they had plenty of tables and some people were outside too, but in groups. Little did I know those evil birds already planned on mugging me! :(  The moment i placed my tea and cake outside, the whole bunch flew over. I moved my cake away immediately but alas, the birds were smarter, they worked in groups. I only managed to pull my tea away but not my books and cake. They started attacking the cake and walking on top of my books! :( The minute I walked closer to them, they will stop eating and stared at me with their evil eyes, daring me to go closer to them. They knew I was alone, had too many things to carry, there was no way I could save my cake.

Everyone else was staring, even those people who were busy with their own stuffs inside, stopped and stared. No one had a solution to chasing the birds away, until one of the Starbucks staff came out and shoo away the birds. Thankfully, I was saved, but rather shocked and scared at how the vicious the birds were. The staff was nice enough to change a cake for me, and I moved into the air-con area, surrendering my fate to a tiny tall table to study. I was grateful to the staff but died a little inside, and developed bird phobia. :(

To date, whenever I see birds flying closer, I tend to shun my way, just in case they start attacking me. However, I had to endure another bird vs me situation today. The bird flew into the kitchen while I was alone at home. I have closed the windows to the space that it shouldn't be able to fly in but somehow, the damn bird managed to squeeze in. It's not a small bird, but its a blackbird with yellow beak. I have no idea which species it is, but it is relatively common in Singapore. And they crowd around the area I'm staying a lot! They probably breed one corner around here that I remembered a friend told me that they had to engage eagles to chase all these birds away.

Anyways, back to the birds vs me situation. Being me, I panicked and close the kitchen door, in my mind thinking, before it starts to fly to the living room and shit around. Called up D and asked for help, he told me to open the kitchen door and the front door to let it out. But there was no way could I face the bird myself. So I was thinking, should I let it out from the front door? For I am also worried that it may stop in front of my shrimp tank and start attacking those poor shrimps. While I was pondering and checking on the bird, I realized it was trying to get out, but it couldn't squeeze through the opening that it came in before, it started to panic and called for his friend. His friend was trying to open the window, so that the bird could fly out. The bird kept looking outside the window, trying to figure out how to get out, looking for solutions through the toilet and in the kitchen.

It dawned to me, that is the situation we may face in life. We can see the wonderful world outside the window, but we do not know how to get out to the wonderful world. We are trapped, yet we can see the tiny opening to the outside world. How do we get ourselves out from that situation. I have no answer to that yet, but the bird got me into thinking. So I decided to pluck up the courage, geared myself up, switch off every available light near the shrimps, opened the front door, and opened the kitchen door.

There was no sign of the bird, even in the toilet, what was left from the bird was its' shit. *cursed* So it managed to get out from the way it got in. After numerous attempts to get out from various ways. I am thinking right now, if it is a sign for me.

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