Wednesday, May 6, 2015

[Videos] Mi 4i Unboxing and Sunlight Display

Had a chance to head down to Xiaomi Singapore office for a visit yesterday. And we managed to unbox a Mi 4i, which will be launched next Tuesday, 12 May, Noon. The set comes with the standard items, without earphones, as usual.

In this video, the set is a HK Mi 4i white 16GB set. And it comes with the UK adaptor right in the box, instead of the usual China two-pin adaptor. I hope that the Singapore set comes with the UK adaptor right in the package, this way, we can cut down on the number of boxes to one box, instead of a separate UK adaptor. 

I have to admit, I have not look through the keynotes for Mi 4i, where Hugo presented this in India. :P But Louis, the product manager of Xiaomi Singapore told me that Mi 4i comes with Sunlight Display that is something new for all Xiaomi phones. I was WOW-ed by the function, even though it was not tested under strong sunlight, but it was still amazing to see it with my own eyes.

I video-ed down the process, we tested using Xiaomi's USB LED Light, acting as the "sunlight" source for this video.

I'm still in my WOW mood whenever I watch this video. *haha* It is amazing how technology advance and it is definitely a plus point for people who are frequently outdoors doing activities or work (like most sales and marketing personnel).

Another note is that Mi 4i is even lighter than Redmi 2 which is considered one of the lightest phone that Xiaomi has ever released in Singapore. Light-weight, great battery life, great visual settings, all for the price of $279 without contract. *WOW* 12 May please come quickly ~~~

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