Thursday, March 12, 2015

[Sponsored Post] Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for face

As we entered the third month of this brand new year, and about a week after Lunar New Year, I feel that my facial skin looks a little dull and wells, old looking. I think I've reached to the point where I should start to do daily face and neck massage, so that my face will look more uplifted and less wrinkles. Not that I have lots of visible wrinkles but smile lines are definitely too deep. :(

Skin Therapy Oil for Face
Recently, Palmer's have introduced a new product, Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil, which is a multi-purpose skin perfecting dry oil for face & neck. Probably something that can help in targeting my worried issues, as this is specially formulated to deliver targeted anti-ageing skin care benefits directly to the face and neck. I always remember my neck, which is important as most people tends to forget that their neck skin ages too! So whatever facial products you are applying on your face can be used for your neck too.

Founded in America in 1840s, Palmer's has been around for a long time and since then it has become one of the world’s leading names in skincare, a brand that women around the world have grown up with. Their unique heritage and commitment to quality has stood the test of time. Generations of families have loved the fantastic moisturizing qualities of Palmer’s skincare range, and millions of women around the world agree. Palmer's number #1 formula, the Cocoa Butter Formula, is one of their key offerings in their wide range products. They do not just specialize in facial care but also in hand and body care, stretch mark care, hair care, body care and personal care.

Some people may not like the thick smell of Cocoa Butter, I am one of them, but when it comes to Palmer's products, I'm willing to try as the smell is not over powering and they are effective. Besides being effective, they are still committed in creating affordable products so that anyone can have a chance to have the best skincare route.
Not tested on animals!Hooray! 
Why I like Palmer's products is mainly because they are against animal testing and their products are cruelty free. Plus most of their products are free of Parabens, Phthalates and Sulphates. I can rest assured that my skin isn't exposed to toxic ingredients. Also their key ingredients in all their skincare products includes Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Before using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is my skin before using the Therapy Oil, you can see that my skin is a little dry and I have smile lines that sometimes makes me look old *feels sad*. And my skintones are uneven, especially the second half of my face. *bugger* Can't see if my skin is dry though in the picture, but I do tend to have dry nose that's so dry that it starts peeling. :(

After using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
This is after using the Therapy Oil for massage, and the smile lines are less visible and my skintone looks brighter and not so uneven. My skins feels a little more moisturized and not so clogged up. Some people may have some concerns about the oil as one perceptive of Oil products is that it will clog your skin and it feels sticky after usage. After using, I can firmly say that Therapy Oil does not have that argh feeling even though it may be a little sticky on the side. Therapy Oil is actually a lightweight facial treatment helps repair past damage while restoring and brightening skin tone and texture.
It just roll off the back of my hand like water. 
It's so light that even before I squeeze it out from the applicator, it actually dripped a little, it's not the really Oily kind of texture. In order to achieve the balance to create an agent to help in perfecting our facial skin, Palmer's had combined 10 other natural oils besides their super natural beauty ingredient, Pure Cocoa Butter. The 10 natural oils are: Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Camelina Oil, Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil. These natural oil ingredients are known of soothing of oneself and when they are used together, they are able to work synergistically to deliver the anti-aging nutrition your face needs for healthier, younger-looking skin.

To combat anti-aging, Retinol, which is a natural derivative of Vitamin A is added in to help the body increase the production of collagen and speed up surface cell turnover. This also improves skin’s tone and texture helping reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles uneven skin tone and dark spots. Not forgetting Vitamin C, as we all know, it is a natural antioxidant responsible for the growth and repair of tissues and production of collagen. It also helps brighten and even skin tone and texture.

But again, this is not a for-all age skincare product. Yes I have reached to a level where I should be concern about wrinkles and dull skin tone, but I'm not at the age where I have to apply this daily. But for ladies who are 35 and above, this should be added as your nightly routine essential. As some of us may start to have deep smile lines but ladies 35 and above may start to see crow's feet. (opps) Time to try out how effective Palmer's SKin Therapy Oil for face, not forgetting your neck too!
Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil is now available at leading pharmacies and cosmetic stores like Watsons, Guardians, John Little, Unity, BHG. It is retailing at $29.90 for a bottle size of 30ml, which will probably last you at least 2-3 months with nightly usage. 
For ladies who have purchased or planning to purchase retail-size Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil from Watson's online store or from physical stores, do join their instagram contest! From now till 25th April 2015, you can post your selfie with your retail-size Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil on your instagram and remember to hashtag #Palmers #PalmersSg #PalmersSTOFace! Stand a chance to win the Grand prize of $150 cash and $80 Palmer's hamper or Consolation prize of $100 cash and $80 Palmer's hamper. Winners will be announced on the 30th April 2015 and collection would at Bugis. 

If you are not convinced to get the retail size, you can head over to Sample Store and redeem a sachet and try before you commit. 

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