Monday, February 23, 2015

[Sponsored] Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

As you know during the period near Chinese New Year, most of us will be heading to the salon to dye our hair, give our hair the ultimate treatment. Treatment doesn’t stop there, it should be continued at home. You know, the daily conditioning, weekly hair mask and daily serum application is also part of hair treatment. For us girls, having an in-depth skin care routine takes up nearly 30 mins or so everyday, we may end up forgetting that our hair needs proper moisturizing too. 

I’m one of those ladies. *guilty charged* I may have a decent skin condition, but my hair isn’t at its best maintenance, especially I’ve bleached half of my hair to dye it pink. And somehow the roots are still dry despite using conditioner and hair mask.  

So iorder to maintain my oil scale and dry roots, I’ve change my shampoo and conditioner to Asience’s new hair care range. In January, Asience introduced a new innovative haircare concept – brand-new  power Beauty Serum! Crystalising the goodness of six natural ingredients into a single Serum, to help us,  ladies, to regain the timeless beauty of youth-looking hair.  

The six ingredients that are used in the new range are the concentrated infusion of Argan Oil, Camelia Oil, Pomegranate extracts and Rose, White Pearl and Lemongrass essences. The serum will penetrate into your hair, repairing your hair from within, giving your hair the three key signs of youthful vitality-softness, shine and smoothness.  

There are two types to this new range, first the Inner Rich, for ladies who have dryfrizzy and unmanageable hair. This type is to combat dryness that causes frizzy hair. IT gives all-day moisture that the hair needs, so that ladies with dry issues look less like an untamed lion.  

The second type is the Nature Smooth, for ladies who have oil scalp and tangled ends. MY hair condition falls into the second type, so I’ve gotten Nature Smooth to try out. This range is said to resolve oily scalp and yet dry and tangled hair ends. The formula cleanses and repairs from deep within, hydrating the hair of a light and smooth finish.  
The dry ends, that looked like the wild grass along the highway T_T 
You can see in this photo, before I’ve started using Asience’s Nature Smooth, my ends were super dry and it looked like dried grass along the highway. But I think my hair looked worse than those grass. 
See the oily scalp? This was taken 12 hours after wash T_T, and my hair "shines".
The scalp were oily, its so oily that if I skip a day of hair wash, my hair looked like I’ve dipped into a pail of oil. I have to skip a day of hair wash in order to preserve my pink ends. SO it was either waste the pink or suffer the oil :(. 

The ends doesn't look like dead grass anymore. Looks presentable~
This is after using Asience’s Nature Smooth for a week. I can feel my hair soften, less tangled and not to dry ends.  And it does look smooth on photoshehehe, great hair for visiting and I don’t have to worry about bed hair 

Pretty Looking Hair
With a skip of a day of hair wash, I didn’t feel so irritated with my hair as the scalp isn’t as oily and I still look decent without washing it for a day. Plus point, Asience’s shampoo and conditioner always have a fruity scent which I like quite a bit. *psst* Now I don’t need hair perfume.  

Shampoo and conditioner: 
  • Contains Beauty Serum formula 
  • Massage shampoo onto wet hair to lather. Rinse off completely before applying conditioner evenly on hair. Rinse off completely. Suitable for daily use.  
  • Contains highly concentrated Beauty Serum formula 
  • After shampooing, apply evenly on hair. Leave it on for 3 mins. Rinse off completely. 

Asience’s new haircare range is available at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores now. Both shampoo and conditioner comes in two sizes, 200ml at $7.95 and 450ml at $14.90. the treatment care is available in one size, 180ml at $12.90 
If you wanna try before purchasing a new range of shampoo and conditioner, remember to drop by Sample Store to redeem a set of 3 day sample size to try out ~

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