Friday, December 26, 2014

[Sponsored] MU MIEUX COLLAGEN MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

I'm a collagen lover since I've passed the age of 25. Why since then? It is because our body starts to slow down in collage and elastin production by then that's why we will start to have wrinkles and saggy skin by age 35-40. NOOOO! I won't want to have saggy face and wrinkles by age 35. In order to prevent that from happening, I started to take in collagen supplements.

A box of MIEUX by MU Nutrition+
 So Mary Chia came out with this new product, MU MIEX Collagen MU Nutrition+, which not only provides collagen but also other supplements that our body needs. Besides containing BHN fish collagen to maintain the collagen level in our body, it also contain apple extract,Co-Q10, Ceramides, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Malic Acid and Maltitol.

All these ingredients can combat the following:
  • Pre-mature ageing due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs
  • Improve body’s detoxification abilities
  • Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics)
  • Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation
  • Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
  • Enhance overall organ functions
  • Increase energy levels and vitality
  • Improve immunity  
The 8 bottles in the box
This is so easy to replenish collagen and other supplements for my body. All I need is a bottle daily as each bottle contains 3000mg collagen which is the right amount that I need everyday. And I could see the effect of drinking this on the second week of consumption.

I felt great after consuming the whole box and my skin looks brighter. I can't comment much on fairer since my face is fair enough. Each box contains 8 bottles of 50ml MU MIEX Collagen MU Nutrition+. And I love it because it has this fruity flavour and not too sweet for consumption. Some collagen are really too sweet for my liking.

Drink a bottle (50ml) daily before you head to bed and it is best to drink it chilled. Remember to shake it well before drinking and to be finished once opened.

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