Monday, November 17, 2014

[Sponsored Post] Reduze Pro

Do you feel upset whenever you start to gain weight from work stress or a sudden change in lifestyle? I do, especially work stress, as I tend to gain a little weight from work. No one can deny that work stress makes them fat. This results in an unbalanced microflora that led to weight gain, excess fats storage and toxin.

But yet, we are unsure if those weight management products are effective as there are cases of weight rebound after stopping those. And people like me, are too lazy to have a strict diet and exercise, I must admit it is not easy to keep up with one.

I've gained a few kg after my trip to Korea and I was a little upset with gaining weight after losing from a change of work and lifestyle. Everyone is scare of rebound after losing that much. *haha* But with Reduze Pro, I don't have to worry about the extra kgs.

Reduze Pro helps in detox through the triple action formula:
1. Rebalance Gut Flora
2. Improve Digestive System
3. Sustainable Weight Loss

This helps in eliminating the toxins and waste in the body and also increase regular bowl movements. With daily toxin removed from my body, my skin gets cleaner, I have clearer complexion and I feel less bloated after food with Reduze Pro.  It also helps in burning the fats and flatten my tummy. In turn, my weight is reduced, as it also increase in satiety, as I will not over eat more than I should be daily.

Based on scientific research, Reduze Pro is 8x more weight loss, 52% increase in bowel frequency, 29% decrease in calorie intake and it has 20 Billion live probiotics per dose.

But of coz like, any other weight loss products, results may vary for different people.
For me, it may not be as fast as I want to, but I can see the slight significant weight loss after 3 weeks. There is about 1kg stable weight loss and my body feels a little more toned as compared. I crave lesser for junk food and I don't feel as hungry as before. My tummy is slightly flatten and I feel healthier about my body now. Great to continue on the weight loss program.

Direction of usage:
For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food. For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2 capsules daily.

Now you can purchase Reduze Pro from Guardian, John Little, Metro, Ntuc Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity and Watsons. Besides retail store, it is also available on Rakuten.

And good news!! If you purchase on Rakuten from 17 Nov till 31 Dec 2014, you can use the coupon below to get $10 off per box.
Please note that the codes are all uppercase and each Coupon can only be used once per member. And you will need to be logged in as a member of Rakuten to use the coupon. Not applicable with any other discounts.

The discount coupon is worth $10 with a minimum spend of $128 (1 box of Reduze Pro). The coupon is applicable during checkout.

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