Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[Sponsored] Tsubaki Hair Oil

I always have issue with dry and damaged hair. All started ever since I dying my hair like nearly 10 years ago, my hair hasn't been at its best stage. :( At times, it will get so dry that split ends appears and that annoys me much. So bad that I am afraid to use hair dyer to dry my hair.

I'm always searching for leave-on hair treatment that will repair my dry, flat hair that has split ends too. However, nothing much works well.

Shiseido came up with a new product, Tsubaki Hair Oil. This hair oil is formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturise and repair your hair, resulting in a luxurious shine. Sounds amazing and I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Application of one side to show the results
I've decided to apply one side to compare if it looks better after applying. In the picture, you can see that the side without Tsubaki Hair Oil looks dry and damaged. The side with application of Tsubaki Hair Oil looks smoother. And the best part is, it doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling like most hair treatment products (countless products have this issue). 

And even after applying the whole day, my hair doesn't get sticky or uncomfy. This product also protects my hair from UV rays damage while preventing split ends and hair breakage. This is a must in hair products as many of us miss out in protecting our hair from UV rays. We only remember our skin protection but not our hair. Time to keep up with the protection. *shivers from bad memories of head sunburn*

Tsubaki Hair Oil uses selected Camellia Oil, which has a elegant and indulgent scent of floral and green fruity notes. I like how my hair smells after applying. *sniff sniff* The Camellia Oil used is produced in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, the perfect location for producing quality camellia oil thanks to the warm climate, fertile soils, and other favourable conditions.

This Camellia Oil have shininess, protective care, moisturising and repair effects. 4-in-1, which are things that we always lag in protecting our hair. And my hair does have that shiny effect even after 6 hours. I am happy to find this product before my big day this month, can't wait to have beautiful hair that doesn't look dry and dull all the time. Plus, my hair tends to get super flat in the afternoon when the weather is too humid. *gah*

Application of the hair oil is quite easy.

■How to apply evenly 

To prevent irregular application, spread half the appropriate amount (about 20-cent coin size for mid- length hair) onto the palms and work through the hair. Then, spread the second half onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application.
Abou 20-cent coin size on palm
Rub on palms first before applying
Work through the bottom of the hair, especially those split-ends
Spread the second half of the palm on
areas that need extra applications. 

■How to prevent flat hair 

(Particularly recommendable to those who have soft and fine hair, like mine. I called it the stubborn hair)
Refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly. Start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to avoid flat hair.

■How to reduce volume or prevent dry hair 

(Particularly recommendable to those who have thick and voluminous hair)
Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volume.
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