Monday, August 18, 2014

[Video] Comparison between Ipad Mini Retina, Mipad and Nexus 7 2nd G

Ever since I ordered my Mipad and WS gotten his Nexus 7 2nd G, we have decided to do a comparison between the tablets. ^___^ And glad that my brother allowed us to loan his Ipad Mini Retina for this comparison. Tablets from the three big companies.

First let's compare the size of the three tablets.
Comparison in size
From the above picture comparison, Nexus7 is the smallest in size out of three of the tablets and Mipad and Ipad Mini Retina are the size in size. However, due to the colour contrast of Mipad, it looks slightly bigger than Ipad Mini. If you are someone who wanna go for something light and able to use with just a hand (for guys), Nexus 7 is the one you should go for. It is light in weight too. ^_^

Even though Mipad weighs heavier than Ipad Mini retina, it feels lighter to me, as the weight is well-distributed. Whereas for Ipad Mini, the weight is centralised, hence, making it feels heavier. For me, I like the weight of Mipad though. It is easier to carry, however it sure weighs down my bag whenever I bring it out to use it. *sweats*

Next, we moved on comparing the user interface, game loading speed and also the sound quality.

Sorry for the short video. But from this video, we can see that Mipad basically copies off Ipad Mini's interface (is similar), but running on android 4.4.2. Whereas, Nexus 7 looks just like its own, running on Android L, development ROM. I personally prefers IOS interface but it is not customisable friendly. So the alternative would be Mipad, but at this moment, there isn't any themes. T_____T *loads nova launcher* Other than that, I've got not much preference on UI.

Next is the game loading speed. Ipad mini loads Clash of Clan the fastest out of all three tablets. FTW! And Nexus 7 loaded last, I guess it is not very much optimised for gaming.

Lastly, the sound quality. Even though the Ipad Mini sounds alright in the video, but in reality, it sounded the softest. Basically if I were to watch a horror movie on Ipad Mini, I would have to pluck in speaker or use the headphones for effects. As for Mipad, it totally win all over all the tablets for its sound quality. I don't need to pluck in any headphones or speaker and it could blast out in the room. *Noisy neighbour here* As for Nexus 7, even though it may not be winning on the sound quality, but with the speakers balanced on the top and bottom, it wins "surround" sound since it is well-balanced off.

What's a tablet comparison without comparing the camera quality? :D Below are the three photos taken by the three different tablets. I've tried my best to take at the exact spot. *Obviously I failed* :p
Ipad Mini retina
Nexus 7 2nd G
Out of the three photos, WS, ALP and I agreed that Mipad's photo colour is the closet to the actual product colour. Even though Ipad Mini is the brightest and vibrant in colour, it is the furthest off in the colour. Wellls Nexus 7 is just too bright. :p

In summary, Mipad seems like a worthy buy as of now, since it is more of a hybrid between a IOS and an Android product. And for that price of S$300+ why not? *being a little biased here* But of coz if we are gonna talk about portable, I'll rather go for Nexus 7 2nd Gen since it is the lightest and I def won't get hit right in the face. And Ipad Mini is well, ipad. :D

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