Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Unboxing Videos] Redmi Note Singapore set

We all know that the Redmi Note Singapore set was released early July and everyone were eager to get their hands on it. After three flash sales, there were still quite a number who didn't manage to purchase it. I think I am one of the lucky ones, along with my friend.

So, as usual, we decided to do a unboxing video. If you wanna know more about the details of the Redmi Note, you can view hers:

Here is mine, a short snip, testing how great a Redmi Note video can be! Using Ian's Redmi Note to video down the unboxing process. Tell the truth, the video quality aint great but the recording is powerful.

And here's Redmi Note Lite video, great to convince that your parents need a Redmi Note!

After using my redmi note for a week or so now, I'm loving the size even though it's way bigger than my palms, but still the touch of a 5.5" is amazing. Maybe more after I full utilise the phone.

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