Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nanoblock addiction

Ever since my friend, Angel, got me my first nanoblock set, I've been a little addicted to this hobby. A little too addicted I would say. My last purchase cost me $170 *sweats* but it is all about the joy of fixing them together and displaying on my desk.
My very first set of Nanoblocks
It was lovely to fix up my first set as it was kinda cute to have something small for desk decoration.
Cute isn't it???? 
But as time went by, friend asked if I wanna get Rilakkumas' nanoblock, the burning urge to get them and build them for desk decoration grew stronger. So I got two more Rilakkumas and the addiction to build went up.

This one took longer to fix as this Rilakkuma lies down and it was harder for me to imagine how it would looked like even though I followed the instructions. 

This is easier but i think the blocks wasn't well fixed. Had some issues with the head though. 

The heads were interesting to build, so when Kino was having a 20% discount for all members, I went on a nanoblock shopping spree. Within that one spree @ Kino, I ended up $200 poorer. 
Pikachu from the Pokemon Series
Nearly purchase the whole series, but what stopped me was my pocket. Even though it was worth the purchase. 
Another series of the Rilakkuma
I wanted to get all three from this series, but D said too many for the house currently. And he said since I've already gotten the brown rilakkuma and the pink one, why am I getting another two more in the different design? T_T He just don't understand the addiction. 
Torre pendente di Pisa
This is one of the famous sight seeing places that I've purchase, the small one of coz. It was different from fixing a character as this has more repetition than a character. So I had some fun shots with my completed nanoblock with Xiaomi's France Mi Bunny. 
Interrupting a Date
"I wanna enter... *rawrs*"
Time to head back to fixing up nanoblocks. More coming soon maybe? ^_^

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