Friday, February 21, 2014

Xiaomi's Redmi Launch in Singapore today!

Source: Xiaomi
On most technology news platform and Singapore news, they have already announced that Xiaomi is officially venturing to South-East Asia and Singapore is their first stop. *hooray* And their official launch of their first model that is brought into the market, Redmi, launched today @ 12noon.

Like many others, I've got my brothers to station in front of their computers so that either one of us can get Redmi. Why do we even need to wait? Xiaomi phones are selling hotcakes in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong! We believe that it would be the same situation here too. 

So why do that situation even happen? 
Redmi only cost S$169 without contract and being a typical Singaporean, I don't really fancy getting tied down with a contract. Plus, since a few years ago, all new plans and recontract plans have a small cap for data plan. For price range less than $100, you get only 2-4GB usage of data. T_T 
Source: XiaomiSG FB
I am still on the 3G platform with a full 12GB worth of data to use, since I have yet to recontract, I am not ready to give up this. Also, to recontract and get a phone with that price worth, you will not get a phone that has the following specs: 

All photos taken from Xiaomi.  With all these details, it was enough to convinced many people and me that Xiaomi has the skills to produce phones with quality and sell at a reasonable price. S$169 can't even get me other brands with specs at this level with contract.

More on the specs of the phone ---- Specs. Even personal friends are all excited about the launch of Redmi. 

So as 12noon strikes, everyone tried to order Redmi online, that is the only platform for today. However, many of us ran into problems ordering, even my brothers too. Warning given was: 

Order Creation Error

Personal friends also got the same error, as fans who desperately wants the phone, I tried on my side too. I didn't manage to secure the bundle pack:
Source: XiaomiSG FB
But I've managed to purchase one REDMI!!! *dance for joy* I managed to get through the error at 12:06 and made payment at 12:07. After that this was shown in screen:
Source: Xiaomi

Within 8 minutes, Redmi was sold out. It was drastic for many fans who didn't get the phone, but I believe that there will be a next batch for sale. I am looking forward to receive my phone from DHL ~~~

What's up next to queue for?
Source: XiaomiSG FB
Mi3 will be released on March 7th, do look for more information on their Facebook and join MIUI English Forum.

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