Monday, February 24, 2014

Xiaomi's official launch model : Redmi

Since on XiaomiSG Facebook has already posted photos on their delivery since Saturday that they are sending out the orders, I was already waiting on my seat for my order to arrive. :D

Was happy to receive a call from my dad while I was at work that my Redmi has arrived today around 5 plus. *hoots* But sadly I wasn't the first 100 to order the phone so I didn't get the thank you card with Li Bin and Hugo Barra's autograph :( And I didn't get the accessories, boo, might get in the Mi3 order (if I ever order though) 

After I got home, I decided to do a Shokotan favourite pose. Bite the new toy box. hahahaa.
*Bites Redmi Box*
I think I look like a idiot here. Pardon for the Redmi plastic piece still on the phone for I don't have a screen protector yet. I shall get it soon, like real soon. :p
The contents in the box. 
The mico-sim adaptor is kept in a SIM CASE CARD. Hootss! 
Basically the REDMI isn't exactly red in colour, but rather its back colour is in dark grey. So it should be known as GreyMi haha. (:
Redmi in box. 

And here is the comparison of the size of Redmi with S3 in the middle and iPhone 4.

Can see that Redmi is the biggest but not as fat as S3, some what reminds me of iPhone 5 style haha. 
After using for a while, the phone doesn't lag and it is at the normal level that you don't have to worry of your phone hang on you yet. But how long can it last, I have not tried it yet. Perhaps I will soon to test out how long can it last. And the interface is similar to iOS, but I like that I can customise the themes. 

And here's the SD card slot and the dual SIM. I love ♥ the dual SIM function, coz I have a spare data SIM from Singtel but I don't have a iPad to use it. And now it comes in handy for me to use it with my prepaid card. *double win!*

And it shows the status of your SIM card when you insert both SIMs together.
Top left hand corner, the status of the SIMs
So now what you see in the picture are the status of two SIM cards. One is a data SIM number, the other is a 2G SIM number. I've tried to whatsapp using the data card and receive calls on the 2G SIM number. It works perfectly and you can check the status of your SIM card.

Just because Xiaomi designed a SG theme, I've decided to download it and applied it. Love it TTM!!! I like how the MBS picture moves on the lock screen haha, okaii I sound like a total idiot. :x 

Home screen ~~~ Merlion♥

Okaii, further review of the phone will be up soon with a video of it. Meantime just enjoy the photos ;) If you are really tempted to get, on the 27th Feb, Xiaomi Online will be releasing the second batch @ 12pm. For those who are going to the IT fair on that day, you can drop by Singtel side and check out the phone too! And Starhub is also releasing the phone on that same day. Rejoice fans! However, I am not sure about the accessories for Redmi. No news from the telcos if they are selling the accessories.

But the walk-in service center @ The Central will be not be selling the accessories for now. So the only way to get is through online orders or get someone to buy directly from China :p. 

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