Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[Review] Redmi Camera, Game Qualities.....

Since I've got a Redmi, I had to just test out the camera and its gaming qualities. I think that's my main concern when it comes to getting a new phone. Normal social applications like instagram, hangout, Facebook, twitter works just fine like any other phone. But not all phones have good camera or gaming qualities. My S3 has lag so badly that I can barely even load games. 

So Redi has a 8MP camera, not that great in today market since Samsung offers up to 13MP for back camera. However, a 8MP camera turns out not bad for a phone camera. Here's some of the photos I've took, in 6MP, fine quality, using Steve Job (without specs) as the model :p 
With Flash
Close up
Looking great, Steve Job! hahaha. I think its pretty decent enough for a phone camera, even though its just 8MP. Great to showcase your favourite scene or food using this phone. :D

This phone is just normal in its gaming qualities, good for games like flappy bird, candy crush, clash of clans. But however, serious gamers, especially those who like graphic intensive games e.g. RPG games, this phone is not the one for you. It cannot support those games. 
Here's screenshot of the games that can be played on the phone. Just some choices, not everything. :p
Clash of Clans 
Deer Hunter Reloaded 
GunZombie: Hellgate
The graphics of these games looks decent to me. But for gamers who want better gaming performance, then maybe not this phone.

I think with technology advancement, I'm worried about the security of my phone. Like which apps are actually secretly running. :x And finding a good security app isn't easy, especially when you want to get a free one (cheapo me:p) Worry not, Redmi actually has a pre-load security application.
The security app
The cleaner can clear the data cache and residuals files. The data usage allows you to keep track on the amount of data that each app is using and you can set a data limit for the whole phone. The blacklist allows you to block contacts! *hooray* Power is to track the estimated remaining power duration and the battery configuration allows you to optimise the battery usage. 

Won't explain more on virus scan, but definitely this is one of the most useful tool in this security. Lastly, permissions allows you to adjust the access of different applications. (: One app, 6 great use.

Using the AnTuTu benchmark, you can see where your phone position based on performance among the rest of the phones including HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung and Sony.
This is my Redmi Specs 
Fallshort behind S3 by a bit.
If this set was running on Snapdragon processor, the result could have been different. :D 
So would you get a Redmi? The next batch order release will be on this Thursday, 27 Feb. There's still time to consider. (: 

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