Friday, December 27, 2013

(Sponsored) Review: Itoh Collagen Powder

I've received Itoh Collagen Powder retail size of a box of 14 sachet through the mail from today. And previously I've tried them before in their sample size, so I am happy to receive them again for review. ^_^

One thing about the collagen products that we can intake is, some of those have fruity strong taste that leaves me very thirsty after consuming. This is one of the considerations that I would take into when purchasing collagen products, for I don't really like sweet products that leaves me wanting to drink like a camel. However, for Itoh Collagen Powder, I do not have this problem as it is colourless, tasteless, non-auger and non-fat. To consume it, we just have to dissolve it into any drink or soup and it doesn't alter the taste of the drink or soup. :D Also, even though in small sachets, each sachet contain 3000mg of Collagen and it can be consumed throughout the day. Low Molecular powder enhance the absorption of collagen, to capture all the benefits that collagen contributes.

Everyone will have depleting collagen as you age, hence we need to replenish them daily. Each day one sachet is sufficient and this product u can take up to 3 sachets per day. If there isn't sufficient collagen for your skin, your skin will loose its radiance and elasticity. I definitely don't want my skin to end up dull and wrinkled as I hit the middle age down the road.

So how do I consume it? 
I like to add them into my coffee or tea in the morning on empty stomach (As stated on the product, it is best to consume on empty stomach or before sleeping) , as it does not alter the taste or even the look of my drinks and keeps my intake of collagen daily. And not to worry, it does dissolve quite fast in my opinion as my drinks are hot drinks. 

I definitely love the fact that it is tasteless and so convenient to bring it around. Great for lazy people like me!! :D Since I work in an office, I can keep sachets on my desk for my afternoon intake of tea too. Even when I travel overseas, its so easy to consume collagen within reach. (: Beauty comes before anything else. 

Is it safe? 
Some might ask, as nowadays more and more collagen products are surfacing and sometimes its hard to gauge its effectiveness and reliability of these products. But not to worry for Itoh Collagen Powder is approved by FAO & WHO. Below are the Q&A that may answer your questions and it did answer my doubts on the product. 
So where to purchase it? 
Itoh Collagen Powder can be found at Guardian for $49.90 per box of 14 sachets. I did find them at Watsons too, but I'm not too sure about the price. If you are unsure of getting the full product, you can try them out at I believe once you try it, you will want to get it. 

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