Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mandom Corp Sale (4th-5th Dec 2013)

Those who are following Bifesta, Dollywink, Heroine Make will know that Mandom Corp is have brand sales up to 80% off, today and tomorrow at Great World City. ^=^ Being unemployed at current status and being a fan of Heroine Make products, this is a sale that I would never miss out. Some how I've managed to wake up early despite turning in late yesterday after working on the blog. 'Coz there's SALE on my blog too!!! *wheeeee* More details at the end of the post.

So being there not really early but somewhat during the lunch time of many OL, I'm only glad that the sale isn't at Raffles Place. If its there, I'll probably never get to see much stuffs. *experienced before* Had to wait for a while but not too bad since there's control in the crowd going in to shop. *thumbs up* So being typical me, browsing, picking up, placing into the supplied plastic bag then reconsidering again, I ended up with some of the stuffs listed here. Not everything I've purchased are posted here, for some were purchased for my mom. It would be weird telling mom "mom, I'm blogging on what I've bought, can I take them for photoshoot first?" O-o She will probably give me that face.

Okaii, here's some of the stuffs purchased and it was real good bargain.
DollyWink Lashes 2 for $10
On the FB page it was stated that Dollywink lashes were going at 2 for $10. A great bargain deal. Its like what 1/4 of the original price for one, so why not? So I've bought like 4, even though I was tempted to get more, but seriously, its gonna be hard for me to move house if I get even more. hahaha

Heroine Make Mascara set and Dollywink eyebrows
Heroine Make!!! My favourite eyeliner product but they didn't had the eyeliners on sale, so I got this Mascara set. One mascara plus mascara remover, have yet to try them though but I'm sure its definitely a great waterproof product. This is at $10 for a set, there's another one with the make up remover set, but I rather try the mascara remover.  Dollywink eyebrow mascara and eyebrow powder, this is 2 for $5. For the eyebrow mascara they were left with milk tea brow, but for the powder they still have both colours.

Makemania Chip Gradation Liner and Heroine Make Lash Serum
Makemania Liner looks interesting and it has this soft tip to soften the look and its going at 3 for $5. Another Heroine Make product!! I adore this product for it does work on getting fuller volume lashes, been using this product for sometime, so why not stock up? :p This is 2 for $5. 
Clear Last Face Powder and Bifesta Cleansing Liquid
I have not blog about my first purchase of Clear Last face powder ever since I've bought it months ago. But upon seeing this at the sale, its a must to get for ladies who don't like to repowder your face. And it doesn't leave your face feeling oily after hours of applying it. This is going at $12, worth the bargain. Bifesta is my favourite makeup remover, and they are selling the 2in1 facial form, cleansing liquid, makeup remover sheet all at $10 each. (: I got one for mom too ~~~~

Spring Hearts Eyelashes
One of the best bargain in this sale. Spring Hearts is one of my few favourite eyelashes, and I simply adore their glue. Using their glue I never had to run into any problems of lashes falling off in the middle of the day. And I just like the Spring Heart 04 design, for it looks fuller and natural and its so easy to apply for any beginner. Best part of this? they are selling this at 3 for $1!!!!! *ahhhhh* This isn't all of the lashes I've bought *shhhh* Just part of it.
Fringe Wigs
Clip on Wigs
After getting one of these clip on wigs at Jrunway two weeks ago, seeing this at the sale was like ♥_♥ and the best and heart pain part is they are selling at 3 for $1. *faints* I bought mine at $9 two weeks ago. You can mix the clip on wigs with the fringe wig.

I have black hair so the colour blends in well for me for the clip on but not the fringe. For its for brown hair colour and anyone is interested in them, drop me a comment here.
With and without the clip on wig
Ignore the weird look in the second picture, but it looks pretty natural too ~~~~ ♥ I can get long hair without having to go for extensions already even though its kinda nice to have long hair.

This isn't all that I've bought, there are some products for Xmas gifts. Aint showing them to spoil the fun for my friends and products that I got for my mom are Heroine Make sunscreen SPF 50++ and Facial Masks of mixed brands. The sunscreen is going at 2 for $10 while the facial masks are going at 3 boxes for $10. Now mom's happy too.  

For happy girls, do head down to the sale before things gets sold out!!! For guys, they have gatsby facial form, blotting papers, facial wipes.

Another Note:
I am having Xmas Sale on my blog, navigate through the top bar and on top of that, first 10 buyers who purchase $20 and above will get a surprise freebie throw in ~~~~ While stock last. 

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