Saturday, November 23, 2013

One OK Rock 2013 SG Concert

The only pic I took at One Ok Rock Stage at The Coliseum, Coz I'm a concert rule abider. :p

Went for One Ok Rock concert yesterday night at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, resort World Sentosa. Not a totally big fan like those fans that went crazy yesterday, which I would elaborate the horrid that I experienced, but still I do like their songs and my bro is really a big fan of theirs.

The concert last year was indeed awesome with the great lighting and the great songs at *Scape Warehouse. This year, however, due to the change in the Promotors for this year's concert, the venue, changed too.

I was pretty much sceptical how the concert will go, as based on past experience at The Coliseum, the sound system was pretty bad. But the last concert I went at the location was due to the fact that it was ran by students, so, you get the idea. This time, I'm pretty sure that professionals would do a better job, but I was totally proven wrong.

Being a excited fan, this time we didn't Q too early. Last year, we started Q-ing at 10am, concert started at 730pm. So this time around, since its all general admission, we went to Q at 4 plus. Gosh, there was a really a huge crowd Q-ing. And they allowed the concert goers to enter the venue at 645pm, even though it was supposed to start at 8pm.

First horror, bottled drinks are not allowed in! Unless its your own water bottle. O-o Like seriously?! They were selling one cup of plain water for freaking S$4. -_-''' Second horror, for anyone who went, it was open area, hence, no air-con. *god save me* Yesterday's weather was barely bearable. Thirdly, everyone tried to pack themselves as close to the people in front of them, hoping to be closer to the boys. Fourthly, even though there's air ventilations at the higher area, there wasn't even air circulation around the whole packed area.

We got in around 715pm, so we stood there for 45 mins before the concert starts. Nearly half an hour into the waiting time, I was contemplating to go off instead. Seriously, I was lacking of proper oxygen. Why? Coz I'm too short, girls and boys in front and back were all taller than me. I blame on my height. Secondly, the freaking girl behind me just has this problem in waiting. She was practically trying to push me in front, which I barely have the space to stand already. Gosh, I know you wanna get close to the boys, blame on the fact that you came to Q late. No matter how you going to push me or your way through, that's all the space can contain. I surprised myself, to be standing firm for 45 mins before the concert starts, despite that freaking annoying girl at the back. She even poked me! -_-

So when the concert starts, usual reaction, everyone got pushed in front, I pity those right at the front row, they probably got hit right into the barriers. -_- ouch! Nevermind, I tried to enjoy by ignoring how the girl at the back trying to push me and tried to balance on both feet. Suddenly, people in front decided to push back! :O You could probably see some dominos at the sides, and people decided to move to the back. Some even had to move out due to the lack of air and nearly vomit. By that time, some of my friends have decided to move to the back, while my brother still insist of standing there, I had no choice but to stand beside him. *coz my stuffs were in his back :o*

Entering nearly 20 minutes into the concert, Taka requested for the fans to squat and jump for one of the songs. This was sang last year and that was possible, due to the fact that everyone cooperated. But this year, there was no way, people in front trying to squat, people behind unwilling to move back, the ones in the middle got squashed. -_-

There came the fifth horror, after the squat and the jump, people at the back decided to rush to the front. I got whacked right into my left shoulder, hurt for nearly 5 mins. REALLY?! The band is still gonna be on stage. Why do you even need to rush?! Then the final straw which made me firm to move to the back of the area. There's two guys (big size) who thinks that everyone beside them are made of paper, rock and shake until they practically push and hit everyone beside and near them. Yes, I was near that area and I was affected. Same guys that spoilt the concert for people near them last year. And they did that again this year. I could see a lot of people were super unhappy with them, for they were all pushing and I think one guy was so pissed off that he literally pushed them with that killer look. They were just the heck care kind, thinking they big size, no one has the energy to deal with them. The poor girl in front of me was already not feeling well, she got hit too by the guys. *ouch* Last straw, I moved to the back. Gosh, i felt the breeze at the back and totally enjoyed from there.

Even though the band was doing great, the sound system didn't do justice to them! Its worse that what AFA concerts can offer. -_-''' Next, Toru's white guitar was out of tune. Like hur?! Worse, 4 skinny girls and guys jumping beside me actually could shake the floor. Firstly I thought I was probably getting dizzy from all the screaming and jumping, so I paused a while to feel it. No way, the floor at The Coliseum was actually shaking quite obviously. I was so worried that the floor would collapse like JEM's for a moment *sweats*

What I can promise myself is any concerts that is held at The Coliseum is a concert that I would avoid. Not even for my favourite artists, really. People needs to review their sound system there. This whole post made it sounded like I hated what happened than enjoying the concert, but I did enjoy a bit, coz the band is awesome!!!!! ♥ If they are ever coming back again for concert, I'm wishing for another promoter and a good venue pretty please!!!

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