Friday, November 1, 2013

Cafe: Necessary Provisions

II decided to check this place out since it's nearby. Being a student, cafés with ample wifi and power points are places to hangout and study and do whatever you want hahahahaa. But really, the place isn't as accessible as I thought. Without driving, taking bus might need at least a 5-10mins walk to the location. 

First sight, the place looks cosy and nice, but the chairs ain't that comfy and the place isn't very big. However, for hungry goers, this place may not the best choice for food. Their selection isn't great, even for their dinner menu, so in the end I ordered a iced latte ($5.50) and flourless chocolate cake ($4). 
Along with the waiting number B6 :p I won't say the latte is fantastic, but the cake is not bad, even though a bit smaller than expected. Not too sweet for someon like me. :D 

I'm a lazy person, so I took photos of the place using my trusty S3 while sitting down and using Decopic to decorate the picture hahahaa. Opps. They have nice decorations for a small area, which makes it nice to stay there to catch up with friends or do a little bit of reading. 

The coffee machine area. 

Their pastries table, not much selection too. :(  But I like the decoration of the table. Pleasing to the eye. 

That's the biggie plant in th middle of the round table, where I shared with many. This place does have their flow of customers throughout the afternoon for the little breaks in between work.

They serve beer too, but not in the mood to try. Friend did, but not a fan of Moor beer ($9). Good choice if you like fruity beer with bitter after taste. 

Now as I'm blogging from my iPad, the place is still filled with crowd. :) 

Necessary Provisions 
21 Eng Kong Terrace 
Singapore 598993

Bus (For those who takes public transport):
77 (longer walking distance) and 173 

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