Monday, September 2, 2013

I was never a fan of lipsticks, lipgloss, lip liner etc. I always felt uneasy to put them on. Despite loving makeup a few years ago, having something on my lips was never my liking. But since last year, I got hooked on the different colors and the look that putting them on gives me. Since, my lippie collection has increased, and over the months with different colors. I do admit, even before that I had lots of lippie but I never go around using most of them, and naturally most went into the bin. Due to age and the quality that it had turned into.

Nevertheless, even though I still have a small collection of colors, I believed, it will turn into a good load of collection.
These are just some of those I've been using. 
A small collection ranging from hot red, to nude color to pink. I have not venture to colors that are more unique and classy. From left to right, top to bottom: Lip TartTrollop, Lip Tart NSFW, Benefit's  Sugarbomb, Touch in Sol's Sweet Pink Lady Lip Crayon Bar, Bourjois's  Color Boost Fuchsia Libre Lip stick and Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick: 725 Love That Red.
Lip Swatch

Out of all these colors, my current obsession is Touch in Sol Lip Crayon Bar and Bourjois Color Boost Lip stick. Coz both are pink shades, which I hardly get to wear due to the red lips of mine. But both are able bring out the lovely pink. Only difference is Fuchsia Libre has a glossy texture. 
Me with Fuchsia Libre yesterday
Looks pretty neat hur? :p Ok, that was my LOTD yesterday, after two long weeks of trying to complete assignments.... So which are your favorite lipstick for the month of September???

After procrastinating for months, my sales section is up, a new name is given, One Stop Station. Please do drop by and visit, do make your purchases if you see something that you like. There's a promotion going on now ~~~

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