Thursday, August 22, 2013

Makeup tools that I can't go out without.

I believe every girl will have a must have tools for their makeup. People who knows me know that I will never leave the house without my eyeliner. *most of the time* That applies when I wear my specs. But if I were to leave the house in contact lens, I need my eyeliner and my fake lashes.... And now, I can't leave everyday without my double eyelid tape. That adds up to three stuffs I never leave the house without.

Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner
The eyeliner brand that I will always stick to: Heroine Make♥. Everyone has their fair shares of getting eyeliners that smudge, or isn't waterproof. I've tried many brands before, ranging from Maybelline to Dollywink. The worse that smudge with just one drop of eye drop is Essence Stays no matter what 24 hr waterproof eyeliner pen.  First hand experience when I was on the plane this June to Hong Kong.

Being vain, I had makeup and contact lens on when I was on the flight. Had a dry eye so i applied eye drop and the next thing I knew bf was in shocked and said, "your eyeliner is running off, you look like panda now. =_='''" From then on, it remains in the pack forever, until maybe one of my friends who wanna try out using liquid, I will give it to them. Just to try out.

Besides their Impact Liquid Eyeliner, which is the thick brush, I also like to use their Smooth Liquid Eyeliner. This is the thin brush eyeliner.
Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
In my opinion, this is not as dark as the Impact Liquid Eyeliner. But it still lives up to its name and its brand. It never smudge even if you cried badly. *first hands experience* 

Next up is my white eyeliner that is also a must have item. To create the dreamy effect. :p 

Essence Kajal Pencil 04 White
Currently I am using the Essence Kajal Pencil 04 White, I may not like their waterproof liquid eyeliner but their pencil liner is considered not a bad product, it doesn't really smudge but it does fade off after maybe 6-8 hours. Cheap cheap, since I'm not working for now hahaa. 

Next item to match off with my eyeliner is the fake lashes. Totally obsessed with them ever since I've know how to put it. *hehee* My collection is a whole range from Mellish, Dollywink, Ayumi's lashes to Ardell, Daiso, China lashes. It all gives a different effect depending on my outing for the day. But I always prefer harder bone structure lashes to soft bones.
China lashes. With soft bone
Lastly, my new obsession that I finally figured how to use it. I will never stop and leave without it. Double Eyelid Tape. I used to have lots of problems with eyelid tapes and fiber tapes never works for one of my eye. Since I've tried and tried using Heroine Make's Proof Eye Tape, I started the obsession. Then during my HK trip I found ABC Automatic Beauty Single Eye Tape, then everything became a heaven. 
My current collection of Eyelid Tapes
This is just the mini collection of my eyelid tape. It will soon grow hahaa. But for now my favorite among the four is actually the double sided eyelid tape.
Favorite eyelid tape
It sticks well and well hidden, as compared to the single eyelid tape from ABC Automatic Beauty. That is good too but its slightly visible. This will be up on sales on my blog soon... Do keep a look out for it.
My usual look. Sorry for the mess at the back
This is the usual overall look with bigger circle lens. hahaha. Sorry about the messy background. That's my textbooks that I need for this semester. Final semester !! Gotta work hard and strive till end of the year. When I have the time I will post up different eye drawing techniques, if anyone wants to learn.

If anyone likes LINE like me, the line app, from Naver~~~ We have the sucker stand selling @ Toyscardsandeverythingelse, do drop by there and take a look.
They have 6 different designs for LINE lovers. 

Here's mine, and my phone is decorated with minions LCD screen protector with the back ♥. Available there too for sale. I just simply love using the app to chat with my bf, he's hook on it too with all the cute stickers. Any LINE users here can add me too on the list.

Happy moon is happy to be stick on. Pardon for my reflection. 
And ION Orchard FB decides to post this: 
Soft toys!!!
Gahhh... So tempting and I wanna get Big Brown. I hope they will be available soon here for sale.... ♥_♥

Do you have any tools that you can't walk out of the house without? Share with me, maybe I can try too. :D Seriously I need some lessons on applying bronzer ~~~

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