Friday, August 2, 2013

Updates Updates Updates.

I ain't have the habit to update but I will try my best.... maybe. Travelled twice this time. Holiday and work (kinda). Not many pics from travel, too lazy to lug my camera this time around, but my aim is to be less lazy and start taking some nice photos soon.

Went to the Singapore National Museum to pass time since I was around the area. Went to visit the Princely Treasure exhibition. I must say the art works are really exquisite, different style and theme from the different period of time. The usual me, in act, was to take a photo of every single piece of art work that's displayed in the exhibition. XD

Shall post some of the art works that I personally like.
Didn't took this art piece well, but this is a really big art work. Interestingly, this is a painting of a lady who ran out of a ball after hearing a sad news, and her sister is consoling her. 
A exquisite art piece, from the Renaissance or Baroque period.  
A fusion of culture in art. 
A very interesting oil painting. 
Many photos didn't turn out well, mainly coz of the position of each painting.... -_''' obviously some are too big or too tall for me to take a nice photo. *giving self excuses*

Life has been boring recently. Apart from me trying to complete my studies and trying to sell stuffs on Toys Cards And Everything Else, nothing much happened...... Maybe not quite..... Not quite yet.....

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