Friday, August 2, 2013

Musical: The Phantom Of the Opera

Poster from Europeanseason
Went for the Musical last weekend..... My Second Musical for the year, can't afford more than that. I have missed out Adam's Family, kinda regret but oh wells.... At least I'm not missing the Musical for the year.
Our tickets.... Even though is Cat A. 
Even though we were sat at Category A, I felt we were considered far. Further than where I sat for Jersey Boys and Wicked. ☹ It was bf's first musical and for the moment I thought he was going to fall asleep. *hahaha* But amazingly he was wide awake throughout the whole musical. *claps claps* Even though it was the Matinee slot, most probably was the understudy, but it was a great performance. Especially the guy who acted as the Phantom XD. Sadly I won't know, didn't get the programme booklet this time around, S$25. The rest are all piling up at home, hence the skip for this copy. Oh wells, hope I won't regret my decision. *ahaha*

But there was one slightest problem for the performance. The sound system wasn't at its best performance, from where I was seated, kinda of a pity though. Since its a Musical-Opera mix, they should have done the sound system better. There were times I couldn't quite catch what they were singing. ☹☹☹

Overall a good musical to catch. ☆☆

Hope that in the future, musicals can be more enjoyable with better sound system.

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