Sunday, May 12, 2013

How time flies

How time flies, my last post was more than a year ago. I think work plus study is really hard to maintain a proper post update. Probably no one reads here anymore since I rarely read anyone else blogs. Opps. Serve me right totally. hahaha.

I think past one year, dating from my last post till now has been a roller coast with lots of ups and downs. Lots of things happened, people changed, I changed, things changed. But are we really happy with the changes or are we just adapting to it? Accepting the change in fate? I don't really know. But all I know is, it time to move on, step out of comfort zone and move on with life.

Life is never a rainbow, but I am glad this is how I control my life, though filled with mistakes but nevertheless fun is the key. Went to Japan last Dec for 2 weeks and boy, that was really the highlight of my life last year. FREAKING 2 WEEKS!!! hahaha. In a apartment instead of a hotel. HOOTS!

I shall update with photos soon. But I think its more like sightseeing rather than lots of play and hoots stuffs.

Oh ya, caught Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday.
Okaii, decided that I can't wait for its official date, hence, went to watch. love it. but somehow I dunno, probably the story was kinda lacking more plot than I thought it had. But nevertheless Benedict Cumberbatch is hoots. handsome as ever. *___* Chris Pine sexy is ever. hahahaa.

Tata for now.

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