Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nail Art: Hello Kitty Attempt

Had been recently obsessed with nail art since I've decided that I should start using up all my nail polish collection. hahaha .... It hadn't been all successful though.... It always end up with me being too lazy to draw and do something nice. Then it will be a full color nail.

Back track a little, I had bf to help me with my nails by sticking the fruit filmos for me when I was over at his place. And this is his masterpiece. Not bad for a beginner.

He felt that the arrangement was nice. 
But then again, I thought the placement could have been better. its seems too close to each other and the base color should have been other colors. *haha*

Yesterday I tried another Nail Art, and it got me messed up like almost 3 hours. Firstly, I wasn't patience enough to wait for it to dry. Secondly, my free art just sucks. hahaha. And here's the masterpiece.
The Hello Kitty just didn't look like one. Mum says Hello Kitty got whiskers?*face palm* 
I think I will work and try again with proper planning and I shall try doing the clouds pattern with blue polish... Red just doesn't do the pattern justice, or is it just me who doesn't do a justice to the nice simple pattern.

Never mind, I shall try again the next time, with my latest wish to get color, turquoise color. I'm still deciding should I get Essie's Turquoise & Caicos or Orly's Gumdrop. Initially was China Glaze's Turned up Turquoise but it seems that there's glitter contained. Personally I prefer matte nail polish, as it is easier to remove (:  I shall ponder till I decide the best colors to suit, or should I just get both Essie and Orly??? hahaha

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