Saturday, May 5, 2012

its already MAY?!!!

Time really flies very fast and its May right now... that means my exams are in less than 2 weeks' time. holy crap. *pulls face* Been spending too much time shopping and playing.... I think I've spent way over limit for myself. *sigh* that means I can't spend anymore in May *cries* .... I shouldn't too, since exams are around the corner... oh wells.... I've spent on bomb this time shopping got the whole lot of my wallet... and one of the things I fell in ♥♥♥ is the clutch from e affair... hootssss $18 for it and its really a bargain for the quality and the looks of it.
Isn't this lovely? Its just the right size for me! (;
And of coz theres a whole lot more of stuffs.... including b.liv's off with those heads. One of the best product ever, after I had tried the sample, I've been wanting to get my hands on it. After using for nearly 1 month, I've seen a gradual improve on my black and white head on my nose... total awesomeness. Will spam lots of photos the next time... *finger crossed*

Besides catching the musical of the year, Wicked, twice, I went to watch Voyage De La Vie at the RWS with S too. The show was considered short, only 1hr 15 mins. I was expecting more. S watched it last year and said that they didn't actually showed the whole show exactly like last year. And the lead has changed..... hmmm.... I think I still like Wicked more... It was really a blast in every scene. :D
Our tickets... and we really had the middle super front seats
No April has passed without an nice high tea.... :) Had Vintage High Tea @ Barracks... It was a lovely place to enjoy the afternoon and the food was simply yummy. Yummy food comes with gossip time. hahaha. :p
This was my first place of serving hoho. simply yummy. 
Using mac with no photoshop installed is like a flower without a vase holding on it.... gosh... I need to get one soon.. *pulls face* And hopefully May is another month fill with lots of excitement apart from exams... I just handed up 2 assignments.... phew hate video submission. the worse of all assignments ever!!! *grrr* oh wells, can't wait to go KL for AFA 2012!!!! anyone going too??? (: Hope it'll be fun with photo taking and drooling at Kamen Rider figurines... I wonder if I can get my hands on Anak's figurine... it'll be the best ever in my collection... hahaha can't wait .. even though its just going KL, its better than not going anyway :D

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