Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goodbye November, Hello December

My Playbook ♥
I had been away for so long that I lost track of time. And today's the first day of December, time really flies that fast and soon 30 days left for year 2011. What have I done for the year 2011, gotta look back and think about it. So many things have happened and changed. Trying to juggle between work and study, trying to fit everything into schedule. Oh wells.... sometimes its either I'm too lazy or things just don't go the way I've planned.... no point pondering over what's done and gone.

One thing, I hadn't been into buying makeups is because my cabinet is bursting with stuffs and its time to use them all up before I purchase more new makeups. Plus I've got like 4 body lotion sitting on my desk, shouting "use me use me!" The only think I will ever need to restock will be my liquid eyeliner... *hahaha* Anyone who knows me should know that I use eyeliner like using pen. hahahaha. :x It is always running out of ink dry.

But Tooface Christmas items are too tempting. I'm still deciding should I get the face palette a not. Gotta think carefully will I fully use it a not too. I've been spending a lot ever since, but then its not ever since. Its always. hahaha. Using Iphone back then, I'm always looking out for cute casing for it. Now that I've got my playbook and BB 9900♥, that temptation has toned down, but I'm looking at the casing for 9900 :x it needs a new good case.

I think I will do a photo spam soon. I hadn't even spam up photos of my June trip -.-''' bday presents, events! AFA!!! I went for AFA on 12 Nov, with the aim to buy some Kamen Rider stuffs. I'll post my loots up later when I get home, I haven't even get it displayed out hahaha. :p But this year's AFA was not very awesome as I thought it would be. Oh wells, will do an individual post about it, along with the concert details. yesh, I went for the anicon on 12 nov. :p coz there was FLOW!!!!

I think I will have pretty much time to blog about things the next few days. Sadly I'm not going anywhere this time round. No money *ka-ching ka-ching*

Once again, GOODBYE November and HELLO December ~~


  1. I know what you mean. This year has gone by so quickly. And I've been away from posting to my blog for a long time until I recently decided to post the pics I'm posting on Instagram on the blog so that people without an iPhone can see the pics. I hope 2012 is a good year for you. :-)

  2. @Thomas. ya. 2011 has been a very fast moving year and so many things have happened. hahaa. (: its nice to see those pics again. I'm not usin iphone so can't view them unless i go ur blog.

    yeap. we all wish for a better 2012.

  3. whaaa me too, desperately need money! lololz... >.<~~~

  4. @Rindodo. I totally understand that. hahahaha we all need ka-ching ka-ching


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