Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm back I'm back...... not for long I think.... hahahahah.... Ooppppxxxx If this will stay that long enough for me to be back... hahaha. Opps last post was in May, probably most the readers will just think chey, a dead blog anyways......

ok long post? I don't know but I know I'm spamming lots of photos from my recent trip to Melbourne!!!!! (: After the last winter trip to Japan in 2008, I was still wondering when is my next trip to a winter season. and ta-da!! Its Melbourne Winter trip!!! ♥ oh god I actually forgot that I can upload pics on my picasa. =.=''' silly old me.

This is at the Federation Square. I just love this arty farty place.... and its like I think we went back there for a few times, plus the visitor center is there. lovely place seriously and they have like music festival during the period that we went. (: Lovely jazz music that we managed to catch there live.

HAHAHA. when we saw this, first thing came to mind was Actually Cannot Make It. But actual name is actually, Australian Center for the Moving Image. hahahaha. :x I know, we are mean people.

The lego place. But we didn't go visit, coz need to pay and it was the first day in Melbourne. But it was interesting to look at the mini shop that was inside. Lots of lego stuffs and love the structures that they built out of them.

Ferries wheel with legos characters in it. ♥ so cute

Federation Square built out of Lego too.

Mini Melbourne. That was built in 2007, through a competition. Used about 15,000 pieces of lego. amazing seriously.

Ok took lots lots of random photos, with my baby G2 of coz. Bought it, so must fully utilize the camera. :D Basically we just stayed around the city area since we are kinda too lazy to plan out the trip so, the travel guide was the key the everything. hahahaha (: Went to Science Park, Chinatown, Queens Victoria Market, Immigration Museum, Eureka Skydeck, DFO and Old Melbourne Gaol...... I think that's about all??? With trips back to the same few places, hahaha. oh wells. its just hanging out in the city and loving the relaxing life.

I think I shall post up photos of kangaroos later. Went philip island to feed kangaroos, trying to spot Kola bears and also the penguin show~~~~ ♥♥♥ The penguins are soooo cuteeeeee!!! and whinnyyyyy.... hahahaha (:


  1. welcome back~ ^^ I've been missing you ever since.!

  2. welcome back richan! have you met tom? i think he moved to singapore.

  3. Richan! :D How many penguins u saw at the beach in the end?


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