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AFA 2011

My Anicon pass
Okaii, I'm still not used to the new blogger style. *erlack* anyways yes, I think I shall post about AFA 2011 first instead, when I look through the photos I have for my melbourne trip argh, I give up. There's way too many photos to choose from to be posted up. I camwhore a lot too hahaha. :P anyways lets move on to AFA 2011.

I missed out last year due to a wedding I have to attend, yes, both days. So this year, its not to be missed since Ian decided that he wants to go for I ♥ anisong, since we decided to purchase the VIP pass for the second day. The performers for that day was Sea☆A, Ichirou Mizuki, LiSa and FLOW♥.
Ian's Yellow, Mine's Pink
We get to choose our own landyard and I think Ian got another, that's under LiSA merchandise. Meanwhile lets spam some photos here.
This is the wrist tag that needs to be wore all times.
For Festival and Stage access. :D
My tix. yesh, $151 inclusive of Sistic charge.
 I didn't go that early, went in the afternoon, hence I missed out Danny Choo's stage presentation, but I've got photos of him. :D hehehe Coz Ian went in to listen to him talking. *blahblah*
Yes, taken by Ian. hahaha I think that's the figurine only? Looks weird.
And oh, they did provide free lightsticks and had extra to go around during the concert. I choosen pink. :D or was it red? Ian brought yellow and green as extra to play around with during the concert.
Ta-da! free light stick. Think it did last for quite a long time. *stares at the bin*
Walked around and saw pretty nice figurines, and for me, its always about Kamen Rider. Lets do some photo spam on kamen riders.
Kamen Riders :D
Another set. Gosh I just love Ankh Full form. Just 6 of those chibi ones already cost $195. 
Saw my friends on cosplay, shan't expose them just yet. :D But I shall expose those pretty cosplayers. and I spotted Kamen Riders hahaha just that didn't get the chance to snap a photo with them, but I did manage to get a photo with Power Ranger Red~~~~ GO GO ~~~
Hi Red Ranger :D
Lets have some love for teh One piece fans. :D
One Piece. hmmm pardon me, I'm not familiar with them.
The only ones are know are these two hahaha.
Here's the maid and the butler cafe. We did went in two years ago to see how was it, but this year, nah. The Q was pretty long and seriously, its pricey just to get in to check out the maids and the butlers. I skipped that coz I was pretty much not in the mood to Q too. *hahaha*
 Spams of cosplayers photos. Need save up some space. :D If not its' gonna load pretty slowly.
Trololol :D so where's forever alone?
I wonder if its just for display or for sale?
I only know Joker and Chin-li here :X
Erm deathnote and? :D
And here comes the Anisong parttttt, ok so photos wasn't allowed, only when there's no artist, then only we can take photo. So ta-da the stage, boy I was so happy that I got the VIP seats tic instead of the standing. There was no way could I jump or wave happily if I wanted to at the standing area and you've gotta be early to get good place to stand, if not you'll be stuck all the way to the back. bugger.
Rock Your Soul

The concert was really awesome, apart from the first artist whom shall not be named. *rolf* Aniki was real good as usual even though there were technical fault. Seriously their sound system really sucks and there were a lot of hang hang on their mac com. hahahahahaha But still Aniki was really professional. :D Next up was LiSA and it was live music so bonus points to that. (: LiSA had a lot of fans and everyone was so high, but what I didn't really like was people moving infront, not staying at the seats. Com'on you bought your tix for your seat, you didn't buy early your own problem, why move infront and block other people. I was glad that all those people went off after LiSA's part *grumbles grumbles* Lisa is really cute and bouncy like rabbit. *bounce bounce*
LiSA T and Strap that Ian bought
Last up for the night was FLOW!!!! ♥♥ But they took more than half an hour to set up, well that's really professional, beats all the sound system that AFA has set up. HAHAHAHA! And FLOW was really awesome !!!! Everyone was jumping, following their beats and instructions. ♥_♥ who don't love them??? hahaahaha, again same situation appeared, fans moving forward blocking people's view. TSK! But I was glad to be at the VIP seats, once again, I must say. After the concert that ended around 11.45pm, was FLOW's autograph session *_* I've won their poster too, so waited and Ian managed to get a photo of them before he was stopped from taking photos. *gah* They are really friendly and nice even though they really looked very tired after the concert. *shake shake* Best thing happen ever this year. :D
Not very clear, but at least a glimpse is good isn't it?
This sums up this year's AFA 2011 for me. Am looking forward to the next one, hopefully, but heard its gonna be in Malaysia next year. bugger. :( Do help me click on my adddddds :D

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