Tuesday, May 3, 2011


hehee... been away for such long time.
geezz i'm not fit to be a blogger for long boo!! schedule has been pretty much a hectic one since I started my part time degree this year.... life has been, well planned pretty much packed, either that I'll be rotting my time away with my dear lovely bed hahaha....

so how's everyone? i hope there are still some souls who will still read this dear poor little blog that got neglected by its owner... *hugs blog* sorry for that.

I'll be flying to Melbourne in June soon!!! Any good place for sight-seeing? or anyone wanna meet up with me?? I'll be super glad to meet up. besides meeting up with an old time friend and my cousin. =D Can't wait for June to come come come. hahaha....

oh I've got my new baby, Lumix G2!!! shall post up some pictures of it and some taken using that soon. probably tonight. no promise though... hehee ...

AND, Mother's Day is around the corner, what have you guys gotten for your dearly dearly mother who have raised you up this far??? :) I've gotten mine.... shall reveal it tonight.... if I can get a pic of it... hehehe

alrightly ta ta

shall post up more often and more content soon!!! :)


  1. hi, welcome back ^^ and're going to melbourne in June? hope u'll have a nice trip^^

  2. @ Kim thanks. hehe... yeap Melbourne in June. hehehe... :) looking forward to it since it'll be winter!!!

  3. nice to have you back ^^ you were very missed! and i cant wait to see the pix of ur "baby" xD and have fun in Melbourne :D take me with you xD

  4. @ a e r i . t e r r o r ♥. heheh thanks!!! :) yeap gonna post up soon in the next post hehehe.... I wish I could pack u in my luggage and lug u there heeheh

    @ sugar sugar. thanks =D


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