Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My baby!!! =)

Ok here's the pic of my new baby, my Lumix G2. awesome redness.... hehehee.... its ok for the weight and pretty good deal for what comes along with it. A tripod stand, a camera bag, len cleaner set and a SD card. bought the one len package instead of the double lens. Shall explore more before I get new lens to play along with it. hahaha Vin and Ian tried to use their own lens for this camera but sadly, its either too big or too small. *bleh* Olympus cameras lens don't work with my baby.

Nevermind, before that I've gotten my new bag.... from bagspace. My engine red Alexa, and I ♥ TTM!!!
Isn't the color lovely ~~~~??? Awesomeness filled up hehehee... and of coz my angry bird iphone case!!! hoootttsss everything just match it nicely hahahaha..... Plus got a new pair of wedge, in brown since purple last pair isn't in good condition but its only $29!!! Who can resist the comfy shoes??? hehehehe... from Taka's A shoe and bag affair.... no nice cheap bags but lots of nice shoes... sadly the hush puppies that I liked doesn't have anymore smaller sizes sad to the max though.... oh wellsssssss.... Here's the pic of the new shoes.
hahaha ok. enuff of my loots for this month hehehee... =) anyone playing we doodle??? do add me to playyy~~~~ I'm jellytelly. or words with friends, jellytelly too!!!!

Love this song totally ehheehe...

Question: Anyone using Pocketbooth app on iphone??? If so did you encounter any FB login problems??? I'm having problems trying to login and upload photos... n it suckksssss TTM when I can't boo!!!


  1. the lumix camera is so gorgeous! i also have a lumix and it's teal hehehe. :)

  2. LUV your camera !!!! They have gorgeous colors, but red it really the prettiest :D

  3. OMG, love your lumix G2~! I waaant it now...haha, wishlist added! But I've been thinking to buy canon DSLR 50D too, what do you think? >.<~

  4. @ sugar sugar. really??? =DDD show show!!!

    @ Elisa ♥. yeap!!! the blue is awesome too but I think red is the best... =D

    @ Kim. hehehe thanks... yeap... ooohhh hmmm I'm not too sure though... but if you are ok with a bulky cam I think 50D is a good choice... :)


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