Monday, January 3, 2011


hahaha. sorry been away for tooooooo LONG!!! I'm BACK!!! from my trips and stufffs....
first thing first
another year has gone pass. *erlack* where did the heck 2010 went???
there were lots of things that I've done and yet to be accomplished !!! oh wells, i guess this shows how fast time flies once you've reached a certain age. =.=''' but nevertheless I am glad that I met new friends in 2010, also learnt pretty much lots of new things in the year too. the arrival of 2011 also means that I need to grow up seriously soon!!! I'm still a kid *hoho*! Nevermind, I can still be a kid in my own world :p

I rarely blog or visit blog anymore. I don't even access to my computer that much in the whole of last dec. partly I wasn't really at home most of the time. After my 1 week trip, I went Batam for 1 day then 3 days after my Batam trip, I went Sunway @ KL!!! Its awesome place!!! the beds in sunway lagoon hotel is darnnnnn soft!!!! I miss sleeping there hahaha. and also the kids.... Who won't miss the cute kids that came along??? hahaha.... But I'm glad that I was back alive from my Malaysia-Thailand backpacking trip. Koi Samui is a lovely place ^^ super relaxing as compared to what I'm in right now la... hahaha. More details will be upppp wayyy sooon!!!! Plus its been a shopping week for me, SALES are everywhere, soooo freaking tempting!! and I'm super happy with what I've bought these few days with an addition of a new wallet today!!! chio happy..... Meanwhile enjoy the last few hours before I have to start work tomorrow *groans* shall watch Tourist later if we can make it in time to the cinema.... hoho. tata... shall update real soon I pinky promise.... ^^


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