Sunday, December 5, 2010

away for the week

Will be away for a trip till next Saturday to Malaysia-Thailand.ooppsss its not that i even update here often hahaha.... ok been hooked up on instagram too much that I'm not even here or on twitter that often anymore. :P But I promise to update with lots of things when I come back. it'll be some trip!! ^^ taking bus, train, boat, flight hahaa.... its gonna be interesting !!! can't wait... my first train trip from Ipoh to Hat Yai.
Went JB on Friday and got myself a Etude house's peach cheek blusher. been wanting to try out Etude house's blusher and there's sale too!!!

I find this easy to apply and this color that I've gotten is a nice choice for light makeup if you don't wanna show too much of your cheek color hehe. this is no #3 Happy Pink.

And Yong gave me this from her recent trip ^^

A lovely rabbit !!! She's been sitting in teh living room ever since... and everyone's asking where is she from hehee. OK, hope I do bring lots of goodies when I come back....

*GOAL!!* was what I heard just now hahaha.... Singapore go go go!!!!


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