Friday, November 26, 2010

in dilemma ....

Supposed to be in the previous post oh well...sssss a glimpse of my instagram photos.... but the shitty thing right now is i can't access to instagram!!!! *feels like a part of me is gone!!!* now I'm waiting for them to help me fix the login problem... *sigh* I'm wayyyy to hooked up on instagram and twitter!!! cheeezzz someone should just ban me from my iphone instead. hahaha. :X

Anyways finally!!!! Me and Mich's train trip to Malaysia - Thailand is almost fixed!!!! WOOTTSSS can't wait... ok not really train trip.... partly train but its my first time, taking railway train from Ipoh to Hat Yai... heheh will be heading to Cameron Highland first... call me yamakame or sua ku, I've never been there before. *sucks* wells, there's always the first time. hehee.... Went JB on Wednesday just to get our train tix from Ipoh to Hat Yai... so farine la, we forgot that we don't have RM with us at all hahaha... got to the counter only to realise that they don't take cards *boo!!* Mich had to walk all the way to Maybank to withdraw while I took another Q number again. but at least we did managed to get our tix. ^=^ and it was fun to see police officers there taking a look of themselves in front of a mirror in a makeup shop. hoho....

Why the dilemma??? I'm still thinking whether to get the xmas mystery bag anot. for S$25. cozzzz!!! I'm not sure if I'll use the stuffs inside there. plus.... *shrugs* I wanna go sephora shopping when i get my pay next month!!! its a month of shopping!! with loves of coz hehee... I'm eyeing on lots of makeups there. soooo I think I shall kick the xmas mystery bag off my mind. *controls mind* MAC is more tempting than those...♥ ♥ besides, I have my paul frank lip smackers!!! have yet to use it. wanted to use it today but forgot hahaha silly old me.

so cute la!!! Paul Frank ♥♥♥
And just, dad trying his luck to stop me from going Malaysia-Thailand by telling me Thailand now flooding... LOL i already knew that hahahaa.... :P but I'm still going ahead with my plan. First time taking Jetstar, a bit surprised that they didn't asked for passport no n expiry date. hope nothing goes wrong. can't afford to have delayed flights and missed flights. need to go pray pray soon!!! and also to change money to three different currency.... it's gonna be a fun month next month, with the Malaysia-Thailand trip, one day Batam trip and Sunway lagoon... ok all south-east Asia, will venture out to other countries soon once the Malaysia-Thailand trip goes well... save save save!!!

Silly camwhoring.
Anyone traveling anywhere as well??? ^_^


  1. awww your pics are so cute*0*
    I feel sorry for you because you have never seen snow before;o; snow is cold and annoying but beautiful;o;

  2. @ Shou-chan. thanks hehehe... ya!!! *feels sad* but I'm determined to visit countries where I can see snow.... beautiful snow~~~

  3. Yes, I've been enjoying your Instagram photos. I wonder why you cannot login to it???

  4. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. *shrugs* probably the toopid connection here blocking the connection or something *sob sob*

  5. ri-chan! i still owe you a blush LOL! you look amazing on your new photos. :) i hope you are doing well.

  6. @ sugar sugar!!! I thought u've forgotten about it... hehe.... thanks ^^ yeap having holidays now. how abt you?? ^^


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