Monday, November 8, 2010

Traditional Kueh

I always love to eat those traditional Kueh. More of the influence from my grandma I guess, my mum says that no one in the house likes these kuehs except me. hahaha. I'm unique.... but I always forget their names so sad la... This is one of my favorite. its like white flour with those chewy chewy stuffs hahaha seriously I don't really know what are those but taste yummy to me ^_^ plus its the same thing as those sold in the bakery shops, wrapped in pink wrappers, either in 2 big rectangular pieces or 10 mini rectangular pieces.... yummy but sinful ahaha... another thing also its hard to get fresh ones these days, those sold are either eww or hard so sad... :( I don't get my favorite kuehs often *sigh* Maybe I should learn how to make them so I get to eat fresh ones hahahaa... but that will be in my dreams *_* I'll trade any cakes just for this... =D

Another kind of traditional food that I like but seriously seriously super hard to find these days, is the Mochi that is pink and white only, coated with lots of flour... ok that's what I think its called, no pics, basically I can't really find them in any local places. and that's how my mum calls it hahaha. Used to have it widely sold during Lunar New Year, but recent years, I don't see it available anymore even during Lunar New Year period. Only last year went Chinatown to shop for last minutes stuffs, managed to get 1 shop that sells those.... pathetic one shop out of hundreds. And my mum still can't figure out why I like those hahaha... its soft, a little sweet and chewy!!!!♥ TTM!!! If you ever see those on streets in Singapore, please let me know I'll love love love to buy them.... ok I think my mind is overloaded with all these kuehs... hahaha ...

gah I've lost the touch to blog *sigh* and I broke my Japanese magazine ban today by purchasing Steady Dec issue *cries* My poor poor wallet, its getting thinner everyday, I'm worried for her. God, please let me strike lottery for once. *prays*

and random photo. my pop color hair tie.


  1. I LOVE KUEH!! I wish i had talented family members who could make it for me :(

    and cuteee new hair tie!

  2. I don't know what a kueh is, but it looks delicious! I'll do some research in the web and try to make some :)

    I'm your newest follower, I really like your blog! :) Would you mind following back? It will make my day!! thanks! :)


  3. i like kueh also yum yum but the one in your photo i think is kinda sweet for me ahha makes me wanna go buy it on my next off day ...

  4. @ Amanda. i wish for that too. thanks

    @ Andrea. its like a cake in the Chinese I think hehe.... wooott u make food? so cool!! thanks. will follow *goes check out your blog*

    @ Daidai. hehe. kueh is yummy hehee...

  5. I loveee the look of that Kueh!! Yummy!!!
    The pop colour hair tie is so cute!

  6. @ Catanya. yeapppp its yummy!!!! tthanks hehe

  7. Saw that photo on instagram so is good to learn more about it here. :-)

  8. Ow you reminded me of this food.. Kueh was one of my favorites as a kid ~ too bad I only get to taste one when we go to our Chinese side of the family..

  9. hmm..ive never tried Kueh before, but i really would like to try it. it looks really yummy ^_^ lol and your hair tie is so cute can actually wear it as a braclet =D


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