Friday, November 5, 2010

I wish for a cool weather

The weather recently is unbearable!!!! It is still ok in the morning but in the afternoon, its just scorching hot!!! It made me felt that my hands are getting fried in any minute!!! I'm trying to avoid cabbing to places that are near, hoping to save that S$3. but *bleh* I failed badly man!!! *sweats sweats* Wore my boots yesterday like finally!!! I bought it last year but yet to get a chance to wear them since I've got 4 boots up to date :P anyways yes, for yesterday's wedding dinner I wore my boottsss!!!!! but darn freaking warm la after that... I totally wished for winter... and then i realised I wore from head to toe, everything was from online :P gosh I'm such a online shopper *hehe*

Today went for dim sum brunch as usual, PH mornings with family hahaha.... Went for HN sale after that, their 3rd year this year. Seems like I can't walk out of a sale without buying something. my bad habit. *grrr* I shall avoid makeup and electronic sales *bleh* but that's not the point. Point was, I wore my brown jacket, that I hadn't worn since like god knows. few months?? This is one of my favorite outter....
Ok a little glimps of the jacket.... taken back in April, the last time I wore this *bleh* I look so nerd la in this photo... but I think people thought I was a tourist hahahaha..... argghhh pimple on the face =.='''

*sigh*I've got a few jackets, but these few months, the weather has been horrid that there's no way I can walk out of the house without feeling drained.... and sweating all over *bleh* Anyways today, moment after brunch, I was like sweating already *warm warm* I thought we were heading to JP, got aircon so nevermind, who thought we were actually heading to the warehouse sale *bleh* haven step in I was sweating all over.... in the end I gave up took off my jacket... ended up with the salesman giving extra info =.='''

I wanna have cooler weather here so i can wear those jackets and boots.... *sigh* and I think my mum thinks I like having monkey characters on my bags ... *bleh* Mum, I'm an adult now... not 12 year old kid -.-'' Another problem will be going to weddings... I don't know what to wear!!! Can't find any dress that I like... I hate thinking of formal wear *bleh*


  1. I AGREEEEE...!!! It's SCORCHING HOT HERE!! I went home from my university by bus today and I was dreading the whole journey about having to walk to the train station later. (>___<) I like it when it's raining coz it's a whole lot cooler like that~!! Aaah, it's frustrating really! Not only you couldn't wear much make-up, you can't wear layered clothing and so much more. aaah, I want winter too! LOL..ok, probably fall~=P

  2. Wow, *still* so hot in Singapore?! That's too bad. There is a some chance that I might be able to live in Singapore next year, but I'm really not sure yet so I usually haven't been mentioning the possibility to people since I really have no idea if it will happen or not. But I worry that if we really do move to Singapore, then if Sakie and I can stand the heat there. It seems like it is summer all year round there??

  3. If only I could spare you some cold, Id gladly give you some.. Its starting to get cold here that my hand goes numb :P

  4. @ aisyah De Cullen. OMG!!!! I get sweaty the moment I walk out of the aircon places gosh... ya!!! maybe Fall or Spring probably is nice hehehe ^_^ since Winter is a little too cool too.. heehhee

    @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. recently its been way too unbearable though. ooohhh u might be living here?? for work??? yes its summer all year round but it wasn't so bad early this year. we do have rainy season though ehhe... do let me know if you are coming ^_^

    @ Jesscia. awwww I wish for that too!!! balanced weather !!!

  5. I so understand what you mean... Singapore only has summer, summer and SUMMER! When can I wear my blazer? my coat? my gorgeous boots???

  6. @ ashura. ya!!! so freaking sad la!!! :(


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