Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy be-lated halloween

Hadn't been active for sometime. pretty much busy for the last 2 weeks at work, wrapping some things up for the time being... its doesn't really help much since its like the last 2 months for 2010. *bleh* so lots of things have to tie up loose ends already... But i was glad to be hanging out with my friends on 30th... for a blast Halloween celebration hahaa... last year was fun, so I decided that I need an outing to unwind myself after all these... ta-da!!! we went to sentosa's spooktacular event this year. This is their second time having this event, and boooyyy!!! its fun just walking around and seeing the staffs dressed up and people making an effort to dress up for the night... I didn't made much effort this year... only used my normal makeup instead of face paint like last year, but seriously I had enough of face paint, those white stuffs gave me super dry face -.-'''

And yes, that's me in my witch dress up... hahah with Pearly dressing up as Alice... LOL, I know I look horrid with that expression.... People were staring, but who cares??!!! hahahaha....
More photos taken with Mich's camera, I wasn't really in the mood with my camera since the focus pan is having some problems =.=''' *kicks camera*

Went Mich house on Sunday, as usual hahah and decided to play around with iphone's IamZombie app....poor mich looks like she's tortured to the max .... hahahaha...

Ok, beeen buying lots of things in Oct actually heheh just take it has been break down to different packages, and I have not include all the clothes that I got online *ooppss*

Got the Little Giant encyclopedia on Fortune Telling, yes, something i'm always interested in... Anyone interested in Fortune Telling too??!!! :) I might post up stuffs from my numerology book if anyone is interested about their birth numbers, names and such... Then the colorful book is my new schedule 2011!!! *loves it* sooo colorful and reminds me of 九层糕 (9 layered Kueh) hehehe.... Then Sephora's mineral loose powder, ok that still gives me a little powdery look =.=''' and last my Mac primer, and I really like this primer lots!! doesn't leave any sticky feeling and feel smooth after applying plus my makeup really stays for quite a bit ^o^

Got this @ Vivo on Sat.... looks cute!! and hahaha love the character, there's more cute stuffs there just that... ermmm bought too many things last month soo... hahah.. I might purchase more to give away if anyone wants them!!! heheh ^_^ ok, besides all these, I also bought magazines, books...finally finished Shopaholic & Baby. Love the ending, need to dig out my other books to finish reading them... I'm so slow at reading books oh god.

and *sigh* the flu bug has attacked me once again since last week darn!!! it was so bad that I had a sever sore throat, yet I still went to work last Thursday silly old me... super busy that very day!!! any cure for flu???!! I heard that Chicken soup is good for flu, but mummy says chicken are considered heaty food so I'm supposed to avoid it, what is worse is now I caught Urticaria (feng mo) and I don't know what exactly caused it, coz it comes and go every now and then. super sad, so I'm avoiding Chicken and prawns at all cost, no alcohol either for me. darn!! go to the docs also wont' help since I'm allergic to antibiotics... HELP!!!! I wanna get rid of the flu soon, plus its weighting my sense and body down, been so tired and sleepy that my brains don't really work teh whole day probably only 20% is functioning all the time. It really hurts my eyes and brains seriously to be trying to stay awake. For the past 2 days, I nap all the way till dinner time and don't really wanna wake up seriously... =.=''' oh wells, *sigh* maybe I should just eat all vege. *yucks*

Hopefully I'll be more active this month, there's a few weddings to attend this month, I'm so going to be broke soon, so less beauty hauls :( nvm, shall save up more for dec yummy goodies plus Christmas is around the corner now... and *ssshhhh* my first giveaway will be up soon, not mini but first hehehe ^_^


  1. once you finish your book, you can tell my fortune, okay? ^o^

  2. @ AtelierBeauty. no problem!!! :) birth date please hahaha....

  3. lol, that zombie photo is so funny (but scary, too). I hope you are feeling better now. :-)

  4. omg the 2nd pic is so cute!!! haha! Happy belated horrorween too!

  5. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. hahaha thanks... yeap feeling betternow...

    @ dblchin (double chin) hehehe yeap love the app ^_^


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