Sunday, October 24, 2010


*DRUM ROLLS* OK I FINALLY got around generating the winner for my first mini giveaway... yes I hadn't been really alive here oh wells... 11 joined with 22 entries.... and with random generator, the winner for the first giveaway goes to.....

JASMINE1485 !!!!

an email has been sent out to the winner.... if the winner doesn't respond in 2 days' time, I'll pick another winner... thank you for participating!!! :) will have another giveaway soon... like reallllyyy soon.... before Christmas def, meantime I'll post another well-contented post soon... been up with too many hauls this month!!! its like a spreee!!!! wayyy too many things to be posted up... I'm a happy yet busy girl... ^_^ but quite sad that my purchases from hasn't got thru smoothly, now i need to remember where to click for lost mail on *sigh* that's the risk i have to take when buying things online *bleh* and it sucks sometimes.....

nvm.... I'm soooo looking forward to the spooktacular this Saturday!!! Kelly has made a post about it!!! super looking forward!!!! for now.... tata


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