Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Food!!! :)

ok been sometime since I last post. Wanted to post on Monday but on the way, I decided to hide the blogwriter app and guess what? everything was gone. silly old me. Last Friday we went to Johor for some seafood lunch yumyum at this place.

hahah this is the wet tissue of the place. we were late coz of the jam... forgot that it was children's day that day silly us.... by the time we reached there was 2 plus near 3. The restaurant actually closes at 3pm to 5pm for their staff to rest before the dinner time. Oppppss..... oh wells, money comes first right? ;) ok lets get right into the foodddddd.... first up...

The soup..... for? the following shashimi... ♥ ♥

!!!! ♥ the lobster shashimi!!!! I tried both cooked with soup and raw... gosh!!! the lobster is sooooo Q and tender that I think its way better to eat them raw~~~~

Some seafood soup with mushroom, sea cumumbers, scallops and something else. really tender soft and yummy!!! Love the sea cumumbers!!! quite big wooo

Fried fish and buttered fish.... the fried one is so-so but the buttered fish is fab!!! the texture and the taste just goes well perfectly with each other

hahah playing around trying to get a nice photo out of those :P

Was never a fan of vege. but the one at the bottom is fab!!! crunchy crunchy, to me, it tasted a little like pork floss hehehe

Roasted duck with the sauce is just simply fab.

This was the least favorite of all... the lobster was a little overcooked but the mee was fab... i think its the sauce hahaha....

A dish that a seafood meal can't do without ;) crabbiee!!! salted egg crabs... but i prefer fried salted egg though....

Look at the size diff!!!

ended off with blended mango saga.... ♥ soft!!!!
In the end due to the times we got lost, reached SG ard 6 plus... not couting the fact that we went to get cakes there heheheh ^_^ I got one full cake for Vincent's and Ian's POP, last Saturday...

This year is the first year that the BMTC have their POP at the marina floating platform. Lucky for us that we don't have to travel to the tiny island just to watch their POP. Woke up at 5am just to reach there by 7 am -.''' horrible. anyways it was over by 9am. went to Red Start Restaurant for Branch. No photos till I get home. but I was way too busy eating and trying to get food..... it was def way better to eat during normal periods than Lunar New Year. Food standards are better off too..... After that we did a little shopping ;)

And I forgot to take the dye product with my phone :P I've been wanting to try out Essentia's Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum. I've got frizz hair most of the time... but i couldn't get the other one, didn't see them on the shelf of that shop. ok dyed my hair BLACK!!!!

Tada!!! Ok, probably only slight difference, but I'm happy with full black ;) going to dye one more time before New Year hehehee..... went out with Khair, Mich and Liyana in the evening... We decided to head to Bugis for some KOI. yes me and Khair are snoop!!! We didn't drink that before...

KOI at bugis... we waited for 40 minutes before we see that bubble tea of urs....

My first KOI!!! ♥ hahaha original milk tea with 50% sugar.

The 4 cups... hahah with Liyana's Owl ring LOL. Both me and Khair had original Milk his was 100% sugar though.... then Liyana was green milk tea 25% sugar, Mich had chocolate milk tea I think hahaha can't remember. but it was ok for me... not really very fancy about it though. the pearl is nice but i don't see why everyone goes gaga over it. and now Khair is like also gaga-ing over it =.='''' oh wells.... pretty long post....

Went Wake-boarding YESTERDAY!!! shall post more about it in my next blog...
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  1. waaaaaaa i wanna go and eat!!

    ex or not? ^^

    koi cafe <3 long wait lor...

    next time try passionfruit with aiyu <3

  2. woooooooooooooo!!
    look at all that fooood!! Making me hungry :P

  3. yum the food looks good! And your "new hair" looks good too! :D I'm gonna dye my hair tonight, actually..! Dark brown... God, I hope It'll turn out nice!

  4. @ Pu3. yes crab!!!!

    @ Kelly. quite actually hahahah S$56 ooohhh that one nice ar?? maybe next time i try :)

    @ Dolce♥Bunny. yummyyy but ex :(

    @ Dina. yes yummy hehehe

    @ Janne. thanks ^_^ hope yours turn out good it ;)


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