Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nail art

As you can see I'm obsessed with Nail Art recently.. And due to take, I can't stand going out nails naked. :P Blame it to the pedi I did 3 weeks ago... hehehe now I can't get enough of them. and practice do make things perfect. I think I can paint my nails faster and cleaner this time round? I don't know my guess only haha... recently bought Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth. So far, can see the nails grow slightly faster. but not very visible. :P Ok before that my nails last week....

Yes real short, but was neat enough for me hahaha both hands had the exact same pattern. as usual left hand has a cleaner and neater pattern drawn... pretty nude and almost blend into my skin color, the only down side was I wanted something that is not glitterish, this polish has glitter. :( Its Beaute de Kose's Radiant Pink with Fasio's Copper Gold for the design and Orly's Witches blue for the dot in the middle of the flower.

And here's today's design!! Pardon for the messiness. just finish doing them and took photo of it.

Right hand. tried out something new... mum said it was a little too complicated in the looks. and messy :( First attempt with crystals. and nail art pen from etude house.

Left hand looks neater and cleaner. as usual hahaha. Ok used Orly's Witches Blue then Etude House Nail Art Pen Pink for the pink dots and crystals. :) Clear base coat. Orly's Witches Blue is my favorite color so far... what's yours?? ;) and its going to October, which means Halloween!! I enjoyed my Halloween celebration last year... I don't think that's going to happen again this year though, but nevertheless it was fun to dress up for Halloween with those makeup and nails hahaha... maybe I should try that at home?? ;)

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  1. Ri-chan your nail art is getting better and better!!! ♥

  2. wee... I faved your nails (first pic is the cutest!)

  3. Cute nails :) I like the last one!

  4. @ HarumiPq. arigatou ne ^_^ hehehe I'm hoping to get it better and wanting to try out gel nails soon!!!

    @ Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린. sanyuuu!!! ♥ I like that too just that i dun like that nude base glitter. :(

    @ Susie. thanks ^_^

  5. hi dear! thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog, i hope you enjoyed your visit :)

    kawaii nails! i like the little paws in your pinky there! :D

  6. @ coffretgorge. thanks ^_^ i ♥ your blog posts... hehehe thanks ^_^

  7. i like the first one..

    hahaha.. maybe one day you will do the SPONGEBOB one! <3

  8. @ AtelierBeauty. hahaha can!!! :) see when you free.... LOL but not with Milo around though...

    @ Kelly. hahah ^_^ will you be my guinea pig for Spongebob one??? :) I can try it out now... provided you got yellow polish... that one i really dun have wwoooo

  9. Great designs! (^_^)

  10. seriously.. i've got yellow nail polish lehx!!
    hahaha but currently i'm quite ashamed of my watermelon-nails. wahahaa.. wait till i mustered enough courage to be spongebob-nails first =D
    meanwhile, u practice k~!

  11. @ Becky. thanks!!! :)

    @ Kelly. hahah!!! you got watermelon??!!! I'm also going to do watermelon on my nails tonight!!! =D =D hehe... okie i'll practice till it gets better ^_^

  12. I love the 1st photo :D Simple and cute ❤ ❤ ❤


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