Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Friday hauls and stuffs

My hauls last week.... not adding in my stuffs that I've got on Sunday!!! ♥ ♥ I don't really have the mood to update though soon.... *growls* Last Thursday went to the New Face 2010 event with Joyce.... We were sitting super near to the stage....

More photos coming up once I've uploaded to my Picasa hahaha... I think I was busy taking lots of photos :P Silly old me... Anyways, the unexpected on my list won the whole thing... Back to my Haul list... hahaha... Was anticipating the launch of Mac's Venomous Villain Series and ta-da!!! Didn't managed to get the Formiable polish though sooooo sad!!!! :(

Went Tangs Orchard and got my Dark Deed lippie ♥ and the card !!! so darn interesting hahahah and searched 4 Mac stores before I found Mean & Green polish!!!! yes was supppperrr detemined to get the Mean & Green....

The dark deed color.....and the evil queen hoho.... great color for upcoming Halloween heheh ^_^

But the texture isn't as good as I thought it will be.... not very moist for lips. :(

Mean & Green !!! ♥ to the max!!! love the color change and its like combination of green, gold, purple!!! looks even better in life... suxxxx i need a new and better camera soon!!! my G2 baby mummy's coming for you soon!!! once I've save up enough that is =.=''''

Last Friday was also the opening of Etude House at Wisma.... decided to walk in and get their nail polish... but i can only say lots of disappointment for the nail polish... it really sucks!!! :(

My mum as my model hahahah I was like painting and repainting until I was super tired, my mum volunteered to be one... hehee... can see how lazy I was when applying the Etude House White and Pink... it was wayyy tooo sticky !!! :( shall use it for nail art instead *sigh* the fourth finger color is from Orly, Razzmatazz... the red is sparking and I love how easy it is to appy Orly!!! On her pinky is Tiara, from Orly too....prettyyyyyy!!!

My O.P.I ... Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous from their Swiss collection... totally ♥ the greyish glitters to the max.... and coat with black base looks even sexier!!!!

Orly's Blackout mini... compared to the previous black polishes that I've tried out, this is wayyyy easlier to apply without worrying the thickness of the polish. :)

China Glaze: Royal Tease Crown Jewels. My first 2 China Glaze polish, heard good stuffs about it... so tried out... like this purple, has this sweet little girl feeling... the brush tip is thinner which is good for people like me whose fingernails are like hard to apply at the side....

China Glaze: C-C-Courage Wizard of Ooh Ahz. My mum says she likes this color as compared to Royal Tease Crown Jewels. I agree, this color stands out more and this makes me wanna get the Cowardly Lyin from the same series.

OK, i didn't just buy nail polish... :P went Kino too last Friday, since its like on the way got myself a book... non-fiction... since the last time I bought Numerology, decided to get something similar again.

Ta-da!!! Handwriting analysis. There were wayyyy more selection!! shall wait till 20% discount then I'll get the rest. hehehe....

My mum went screaming at me when she saw this came in through the post... the box stated 30$. =.''' was like "HUH?!!! what did you buy??!!! freaking 30$!!"no mum no... anyways tried out only once, shall try a few times before i review it ^_^ Tonymoly's Appletox hehehe sooo cute the packaging :)

Next post hopefully I'll get to blog about my wakeboarding ^_^ and more photos on the New Face 2010 hehehe...

Face too ugly without makeup to be shown hahaha... till then... remember to enter my MINI GIVEAWAY which ends on 21st Oct 2010 10pm [GMT+8]


  1. the evil queen clr looks truly awesome!!! Thanks for sharing~

  2. Walao so many hauls! Haul here haul here you surely got a lot of money eh?? XDXD

  3. @ dblchin (double chin). love the color !!! ^^ hehe....

    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. nope I don't have lots of money... just that save up a little??? i dunno some of the nail polish were ordered last month and only came in like last Friday :P

  4. gosh, you are so lucky to get this MAC nail polish. I came too late and everything sold out in counter *cry*

    but that little golden apple is so cute (o´∀`o)

  5. @ ♥ Pixie D ♥. :( its like sold out everywhere!! took me 4 stores to get this nail polish and i bought the last two.... golden apple??? u mean green apple??? heheh ^_^

  6. You need to scrub off those dead skin off your lips! And that book looks interesting!

  7. MAC lipsticks are just not moisturising enough. Got to apply lots of lipbalm!
    Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous looks f♥b!!! OMG.
    and that is a interesting book u bought ;)

  8. @ AtelierBeauty. i will... my lips gets dry too easily :( yeap quite hehehe... like this kind of book hehehe

    @ HarumiPq. :( okie will apply lipbalm.... :) def!!! hehehe next time bring to your house and play hoho....

  9. Yay you found your perfect makeup for halloween XD

  10. ri-chan!!!!!!!! hahaha.. what are u wearing for halloween??? :D

  11. Great nail polish haul! I like the OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous best! I didn't manage to get any of the M.A.C stuff, to my disappointment. All sold out at the places i visited, but was too lazy to check out more outlets

  12. @ pu3. thanks hehehe ^_^

    @ ashura. thanks!!! :) yeapppp love that too... awww~~~ i had to search 4 stores to get that nail polish... they were hot in demand!!!


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