Friday, September 10, 2010

Sale post

hehee... shall delicate this to a sale post instead.... hmmmm gotta sell off some excess brand new cosmetics.... I think I over spent last month =.='''
Dolly Wink #07 Vivid Pop (lower lash) - S$22
Jewerich #01 (upper lashes) - S$26
Candy Doll CheekColor Strawberry Pink - S$28
Serra Melliesh #06 Rich (bottom lash) - S$21
For better photos please head here for the clearer color of strawberry pink blusher. Interested buyers please drop me a comment here.

Also the bottom items are for sale....
Do quote your price for me which is reasonable, the price quoted by you will be the price without shipping fee first. I need to clear them off my room. Please take note that the box of each item is not available. Thanks. All in excellent conditions.
Used once.

Never use before, both of them. Big one - Blue, small one - milky white

Used once

Never used before.

Used a couple of times.

Happy browsing, who knows probably next time there are more beauty products to be sold off.... I think i stock too many sometimes... like buying so many quantities of the same one.... KS !!!!


  1. omg, those bag are really cute. I love the black ones in last pic ^^ so adorable

  2. @ Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린. yeap ... they are cute from magazines but I'm alittle too broke to have them around hehehe ^_^


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