Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nail Polish fun~~~

Ok, been trying out different colors since I got my nails pedicured on Friday ♥ ♥ Went to Nail Palace @ JP, they have pretty good service there so can actually go but S$38++ for pedicure... and no i didn't spent that amount since my colleague has the package... :P

Anyways used the O.P.I Swiss collection Cuckoo for this color. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ the color totally!!!! And I might even get the Luceme-tainly Look Marvelous from the same series. Got home decided to do my own medicure... hahaha. tried to match the same style, used Orly's Witch's Blue. Total love it and it really matches the style. Just that tried to wash it off, gosh!!! its soo freaking hard to wash it!!!

Then, went obsessed with nail art, decided to try it out myself today since Mich couldn't make it to gym today. Poor girl went back to the office till now she has yet to have her lunch i think, she said she was hungry over twitter though.

Ok, even though we went True Yoga for Pilate yesterday, I thought we could try a little gym stuffs... wells I'm glad that I skipped gym coz I'm aching all over from yesterday!!!

Tried OPI's Shrek series, What's with the Cattitude? and Orly's Basket case. and it turned out like this.... but the color just doesn't seems to match very well and its too thick, for both... one layer the color is just not right. Two layer it was a little too thick. then the patterns on my right hand totally CMI!!! o-O wiping off was a chore.
Left Hand. My first attempt with nail art. Ok, i totally sucks!! My Right Hand art was too ugly to be even shown to the world. *FAILED*

Then another attempt with another set of color combi. OPI's summer flutter's Flower-to-Flower and Fit A Bit. After applying I think I like Flower-to-Flower more now hahaha.....And finally!!! i think it looks more decent than the first set.... not too clean though but now getting it all cleaned and polished up properly. Not sure if it'll last... since I didn't use Acrylic paint, used pastor instead. can't find acrylic at home =.=''' if it doesn't I'll get Acrylic tomorrow then...

Right Hand, with the first attempt of using pastor paint. I totally failed at drawing with my L.H, wait... I can't even hold a pen or a brush properly with my L.H. TOTAL FAILED. Pardon for the messiness.

Left Hand. with alittle more cleaned up and since I'm a right hander I def can draw with my R.H but still can see that I failed badly at art hahaha

Please forgive me for my bad art skills hhahaa.. Ok I think i'll just stick back to plain old nails and leave the art work to the pro....

Played with iphone app I am a Vampire.... hahaha ok, maybe not... :P

Oh Do check out my previous post for my sales..... I'm left with blusher and lower lashes for sale....


  1. The smileyface one is cute, and I like the iPhone photo. You look good.

  2. hi ri-chan,
    that witch's blue is so adorable! i like :)

  3. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. Thanks... hehehe. this is supposed to turn me into a vamp hahaha... for fun... =D

    @ dianneregina. yeapp!! i ♥ it too!! you should check it out ^_^

  4. Thats a very cute nail art ^^ and beautiful last photo!

  5. i love the last photo looks really cute & sexy =D

  6. I like your blue and pink/fuchsia nail art~ Awesome color combination! I get very lazy to paint my nails alternate colors =D

  7. cute nail art~~ i've never nail arted my nails before =( my nails aren't that beautiful *sob

  8. D*mn!! XDXD If you were a real vampire, bite me please!! (^_~)

    You nails are kawaii!!!!!!!!!!! XDXD

  9. @ Pu3. thanks hehee. but i think ur skills are better!!!

    @ daidai. thanks... hmmm somehow the vampie feel isn't there anymore hahha

    @ cloverbeautyinn. thanks!! hahaha... i don't really do it but somehow feel like it... hehe you should try, its a bit troublesome but fun =DD

    @ Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린. thanks its my first time... =) you should try, there isn't any nails that are not beautiful!!!

    @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. heheh i will if i were one ^_^. thanks hehee...

    @HarumiPq. hehehe arigatou ne nee-san.


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