Friday, September 10, 2010

Bella Luna & Adonis

Went for silky smoothing facial on Tuesday with my Mum and Adonis 7 Haven Chakra Experience yesterday.

Located at Cupagge Plaza B2, the location itself is not very visble. Bella Luna specialized in massaging and basically they say they do not believe in extraction for face. They do massage for pregnant women too. Anyways, back to topic, went there coz there was a cozyspree which I bought 2 since I wanted my mum to try out facial. They tried to get us to buy the eye massage which uses a eye ampule, my mum didn't want coz it was her first time and she was pretty much afraid of the side effects of her face turning yellow, yes, weird sensitive skin. I bought the eye ampule treatment.

Got into a big room and I must say the woman who served me, Agnes, has really good fingers for massage, and pretty relaxing. Couldn't take photo, coz my phone was in the locker that they provided. :( However my mum didn't have a pleasant time. FIRST they did not give her a robe to change into!!!! they just asked her to lie down!!!! seriously they just trying to bully her =.='''' next, due to the fact that she mentioned of her skin turning yellow, they decided that she couldn't do the massage, thus just applied a few lotion and smoothing mask, that it!!! O_o HELLO?!! barely 15 minutes and the woman who served her telling her colleagues that she's done??!!!! and they were talking so loud that my mum could hear them. But they knew I was in the next room, so they decided to get her another treatment by using those cold glass balls to roll on her face... =.=''' what kind of service is this??!!! bullying my mama.... I mean she already mentioned of her sensitive skin, so can't you just use the sensitive package. Anyways, I think they knew we weren't interested at all, so they didn't ask if we wanted to sign for any package. but seriously this kind of service, I will never wanna go back there again. Personally, just because my mum decided to stick with that S$16 package, doesn't mean you can skip lots and lots of steps!!! *bleh*! I signed because of the review on cozyspree, but somehow the service for my mum just did not do justice to the given review. Don't come telling me I only paid S$16 for the service, S$16 still money.

Went for this yesterday. I booked the appt at the bb outlet. The staffs there are nice and and they served me a cup of tea something that its brewed by them and led me to a room upstairs. Pretty big I must say.

This is only the half of the room. Took it after my treatment actually hehehe..

The bed... Oppsss that's my bag.... :X biggie backpack....
Anyways was told to change out from my clothes to the given disposable inner wear and cap heehe... Therapist who served me is Fiona I think, forgot her name... :P Anyways a very nice lady who waited for me to change, yes I took quite sometime to change out. Started by removing my make up then explaining the 7 different oils are for different parts of the body, to cleanse the organs in the body.... then started off with inhaling some oil... seriously I was already in the sleepy mood hahaha.... Then half way through the massage, she asked if I had breathing difficulties, which was shown when she used the oil to massage for the heart area. Wells, seems like red spots started to appear after the massage. And she said I have a weak heart.... so people spare me with all the bad news... heheeh

After the toe to head massage was the mask on the face.... gosh that really made me slept... till Fiona came in. and brought me flower tea... yumyum. whole process was about 1 hr 45 minutes. not too bad. nice experience and best part was they didn't even ask if I wanted to sign package or anything. All they asked was for me to fill up a survey and I could go already.... great service I must say. This is life...

Oh looking forward to my hair treatment later.... ~~~~~ la la la


  1. Wah your mum's facial experience sounds horrible! I will never go there after reading this! Do you recommend any good facial places? Anyway, thank you for posting my Anna Sui Giveaway here =D

  2. @ ya!!! pretty horrible experience for her actually =.=''' I will recommend Jean Yip and New York. Went to this two before.... I'm currently having a package with New York. however if you wanna try out, probably you can go Jean Yip and try. they are not pushy. Or you can try adonis. they have trail facial. check out their website. ^_^

    you are most welcomed hehe ^_^

  3. Really horrible ppl there, sure all ur readers will not patronise them after reading this post.

  4. @ HarumiPq. ya lor!!! don't go.... don't go....

  5. At least it sounds like you had a nice experience. That is to bad about the experience your mom had, though.

  6. @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz. ya i had a nice experience indeed but not for my mom.... difference in treatment !!! :(


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