Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Haul and Sale post!!!

sorry hadn't been able to update anything these few days hahahah *oppsss*

The day I went to watch Going the Distance which is out officially tomorrow in the theaters!! Ok i think my cheek was a little too rosy when I took this photo before heading out hahaha... sorry for the puffy look. this was the most decent photos out all of the photos that i took that day...
Skin79 Gold BB Cream
Esprique Precious BO-300 compact powder
Etude House Poof10 Auto Pencil Black
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Black
Daiso No. 3 lashes
Dolly Wink No. 2 Lashes
Kohl White eyeliner
L'Oreal True Match Blush Pink Marshmallow
Lip Concealer (heavy rotation) *i forgot the brand, but it can be found @ Wastons*
MAC Lipglass Florabundance AB8
Laneige LR105 Lipgloss
Basically I think its my usual outing makeup. sheeezzzz too lazy to think of something different all the time. And to put on eyeshadow... hmmm sometimes I find it a little too much for the eye focus. but if its a grand event probably I'll do, which I did for D&D last Friday hehee. ok the L'Oreal's Blush didn't turned out too bad, but need to be applied quite a fair bit before it can be visible.

Me happy with the tix hehehee....Ok overall the movie is not bad!!! I'm no sucker for romance movie but this is really a mixture of comedy and woohhh!! ♥ the actress hahahah. Those who are into romance or comedy should try this movie, but its M18 though... hahahhaa.

Makeup for Friday's Dinner. ok not really very very visible. sorry for the bad photos but becoz was in a rush and taken in the car. none of the photos turned out very good. FOR ME. *sob sob* Ok used everything used the same as above but the extra was the eyeshadow, which i tried on for the first time and really fell in love with the color totally!!! Lancome's Ombre Subtile Power Duo No. 25 Morphing bleu. Super cool effects after applied both swatch together!!! shall show that the next post or something hahaha. Love the hairband that I wore, a gift from a colleague hehehe ♥♥♥

Had a great time @ Kbox today... the last time I went was last year Oct I think oh wells.... it was nice to hang out with the girls and SING!!! hahaha kbox @ chinatown changed so much, so advanced and the English songs have clearer and official MV played. not too bad hahaha didn't sing any Japanese though.... this is life

Got my hauls yesterday from WENDY!!! ♥♥♥

Mellish Blushers!!! ok, my blusher collection is going to grow... slowly....

Jewerich's eyelashes, have not tried before, but recommended by WENDY.

Something new and worth to try ~~~~~not forgetting the disney minnie stuffs that I asked her to help me get for my dear friend Pearly wont post them here till I give them to her hahahaha.

Oh i'm selling a few items away, got too many already actually... Price stated is with LOCAL NORMAL POSTAGE. Registered mail additional S$2.25. Overseas buyers please inquire for the shipping price. Sorry for the bad photo lighting in my room.

Dolly Wink No.1 Lashes dolly sweet (upper lash) - S$ 22
Candy Doll CheekColor Strawberry Pink - S$28
Serra Melliesh 06 Rich (bottom lash) - S$21
For better photos please head here for the clearer color of strawberry pink blusher. Interested buyers please email me AT {hablub[@] gmail[.]com}

Those who are interested in Giveaways, of coz with good contents to provide along, do check out Giveaway Scout for good giveaways from various awesome blog owners and of coz, they do have awesome blog contents too ;)


  1. Oh my goodness. Love your eyes, so pretty!
    I wish I had eyes like yours. :(

  2. @ Exuvalia. thanks! but actual fact my eyes are really small and really normal... its the GEO contact lens and the makeup that does the wonders!!! ♥

  3. oh my! i love the look.. and that hair accessory is so pretty! (as seen in 3rd photo)>.<

  4. @ dianneregina. thanks... hehe !!! I ♥ the hairband too ^_^

  5. Ri-chans so pretty :)
    I love how you put your eye make up and what lipstick did you use on your 3rd pic hehe i like it

    i also love those falsies ~ i suck at choosing one hehe

  6. @ Jessica. thanks~~~ ^_^ i used the same lippies... Lip concealer with MAC Lipglass Florabundance AB8 and Laneige LR105 Lipgloss. i think its the sun that shined it out. ^___^

    You'll need to try until you find the right one. be daring to try ^_^

  7. cuteeee <333

    i'm a new follower btw =)

  8. Your 3rd photo is very pretty :) I like.
    And kbox! Its always fun to sing with friends yes :D! Do you usually sing Japanese song?

  9. I am a super eye lashes person! i love your eye lashes!!

  10. @ Amanda. thanks ^_^

    @ Elisa Lee. thanks ^_^ oh will check you out ^___^ hehe thanks for the follow...

    @ Pu3. thanks... =DDD but i think i look a lot more mature in that pic.... esyyyy!!!! its fun to sing with friends, have no worries about singing out of tune hahaha... yeappp... but not this year... this year 1st Sept is my first time stepping into Kbox to sing!!! was tempted to sing Japanese song though..

    @ cloverbeautyinn. thanks^^ would love to see your lashes collection!!!


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