Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going the distance

yes, i'm going for the movie screening tomorrow with Fan. ♥ won the tickets through Nuffnang contest!!! so looking forward to it. everday seems a chore these days plus I'm losing a lot more hairs than before WHICH I have yet to find a solution or the root of the problem!!!! *sob sob* anyone has any idea???

I wish i can get rid of the habit of snoozing off on my bus trips... its been more frequent these days *gosh* the only lucky thing is I've yet to miss any of my bus stops. =.='''


  1. How is the response for your Make A Smile project?

  2. @ AtelierBeauty. only 3 so far :( but better than none :)

  3. at least everyone else is happy lol

    I need one because I'm about to bash my head against the wall but I only like Donald Duck haha! Nevermind me.

  4. @ AtelierBeauty. *hugs* you do need one!!! i think I have a Donald somewhere. send me your add to hablub[@]gmail[.]com!!!

  5. i've fallen asleep on the bus before, that is pretty bad

  6. lol, snoozing off yet you haven't miss your bus... lol, you must be phykic or something :D

  7. @ Ken. Did u missed ur stop and ended somewhere unfamiliar???

    @ dolce bunny. I suprise myself sometimes. So far I've not miss a singl stop before and I always wake up before my stop d(^_^o)

  8. sorry about the hair dilemma. maybe you can switch your shampoo?

    glad you're going to see this movie. i hope it is good. let me know!

    thanks for following. i follow you back!

  9. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  10. Good for you for getting a free gift :D Enjoy the movie!
    And I guess the reason why people snoozed off during bus trips is usually because they dont have enough sleep at night. It can't be help if you are busy ;P

  11. @ Cheryl. I hope its the shampoo!!! If not I'll have super thin hair soon!!! soooo freaking sad... :( its good!!! you should watch it when the movie is out!!! hehehe.... thanks for the follow back!!! ♥

    @ Josh. sure, will add my blog when i have a post about it soon hehehe

    @ Pu3.yeappp!!! i did enjoyed the movie hehehe... i guess so, been having lack of sleep and its not a good idea to skip/miss stops...


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