Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bb cream

hadn't been blogging for sometime.
too lazy i guess hehehe... and lots of activities around. ok i lied. more like I'm lazy and wanted to blog last saturday BUT i've spent my whole day at home sleeping away my time !!!! So sad, wanted to go out but in the end I just wasted my whole Saturday at home.

Ok been trying out some new BB cream apart from my usual Skin79 gold.... got a few samples off samplestore, so why not???

This was given by Joyce for me to try out. Both from Brtc. some brand which I've never heard before actually.... She said they do have it at Wastons hmmmm.... Me sua ku anyway hahaha.....Tried both and I prefer the Blemish Recover Balm over the Gold Caviar BB Cream one... Both have the lemon scent, both aren't oily, which is good for people like me who needs those to last throughout the whole day at work!!! But the white one gives me a better coverage and it really covers my flaws on the face. I guess it really all depends on your skin tone. But the downside for me is, I felt it was a little thick on the texture, leaving my hair a little *dunno how to describe*

Dr Jart+'s Silver Label BB Cream. I really like this one, just like the Brtc, this one gives me a good coverage, is not too thick and sets in the right color for my skin!!!

The BB cream on my hand with Flash on the top one and without flash on the second pic. It's not thick as seen and it's near to my skin color.... I actually ordered this :DD

Me after applying Dr Jart+ Silver Label and make up... sorry for the quality!!! :( Taken early early morning like 5++ with my iphone. I'm too lazy to dig out my camera.

CU's Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream. *ouch*! This is way too thick for me and made me look like some china doll!!!

With Flash on the first pic and without on the second pic. Compare it with Dr Jart+ Silver Label and you can actually see the difference in the thickness of the BB cream. super thick!! my face felt a little oily in the afternoon... :( I'll avoid this.... I don't wanna become China doll....

So far, I think Skin79 and Dr Jart+ BB cream are good.... Etude House BB Cream are normal, but they don't give good coverage as compare to the two products as mentioned.

Side note, my third attempt on nail art.

Got a few compliments for it hehehe. Just finished a new set on my fingers.... Will post them up later when I get all cleaned up!!! Any good nude polish to recommend??? I feel that my buys are either dark, milky or too bright sometimes for my mood... will need something nude.... without glitter though...


  1. omg cavair bb cream? sounds posh! ><

  2. @ amanda. ya sound posh and nice to apply too!!! ♥

  3. I use BB cream too (^o^) But I forgot which brand (=.=|| ) Nice nails anyway! (^_~)✧

  4. @ ☆rabbito-bonbon☆. is it good??? still sourcing for good BB creams hehehe... thanks ^_^

    @ Miss*Kimmy. thanks ! I'm trying to do it better....

  5. I tried the BB cream :P It doesnt suit my skin colour lol. But its suits you perfectly! :D

    And owh, cute nail art!

  6. @ Pu3. ooohhhh some other brands?? I do there are some that can set right into the color of your skin. but you just gotta keep trying and trying that's all :)

    heheh thanks ^_^

  7. this post made me think of my gf

    she does nails at a salon and loves bb cream

  8. as for now, skin food bb cream are being my favest =D but I love Missha bb cream too^^

  9. I love BB Creams too! Cute nails you have here :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog :D

  10. Never heard of the two brands of BB cream but I guess I'll stick to my skin 79 on! Good review by the way and cute nails! you did a good job!

  11. @ Ken. awwww.... that's nice hahaha... yay someone who has some interests has me =DDD

    @ Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린. hmmmm I should try out those brands too ... have never tried them before though...

    @ Dina (XYYan). thanks hehee.... yes!!! BB creams ♥ !!! thanks for visiting back =DDD

    Dolce♥Bunny . I've only heard of Dr. Jart+ but never did I heard of CU and Brtc until i saw all these samples.... thanks ^_^

  12. Great mani!

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