Friday, August 6, 2010

Project: Send a smile

There are days when you are feeling down, do you feel like having someone to cheer you up? to send a smile on your way? So I'm hoping to start this.... to send a smile to your way.... wells some little things to cheer people up when they are down since I've got so many postcards and little toys sitting around in my room yet I don't know what to do with them. Thus, hopefully these little things will find their way into someone's place. ♥
These are a few things that are lying around in my room, I love playing UFO, thus every time I head to the UFO shops, I'll end up with more than one toy back home. So hopefully it'll send a smile to someone. ok... kitty in the crystal ball is excluded. hahaha
I always love postcards, you'll never know when will they come in handy and I used to do postcards exchange, thus the collection of postcards grew. I hope I can pass this love for postcards to some other people probably on the other side of the world too!!!!

So? how does this project work???
All you have to do is to post about this on your blog, pass the love, send a smile.
Post a comment with your name, email, your blog link about this, and the item or postcard that you want. Item will come on first come basics. postcards I have tons. drop me a comment I'll be happy to send you a postcard. with lots of smiles ^o^

Spread the smile!!!
*hopes this works*


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  2. haha this is very cute =]~

  3. @ Ken. thanks. do help me spread the word.

  4. Thanks for reading my blog. I just joined yours. You are so lucky to live in Singapore with all that yummy food everywhere!

  5. That is kind of you to think about how to spread happiness like that. :-)

  6. I love postcards :)

    i used to do postcard exchanges
    *but theyre all too busy now*

    Anyway ill blog about this tomorrow perhaps. :)

  7. awwww. thats so cute of you...even reading this bring a smile to my face =)

  8. @ Lisa. thanks for following back... yeapp!! love the food here... hehe

    @ Sakie Thomas Gantz. yeap becoz I love the idea of receive little things thru the post.

    @ Mariko Jessica. thanks!!! I love postcards too.

    @ Joanna. I'm glad it did.... you joining in the fun??? :)

  9. posted :)

    Can i have a postcard and a toy :P
    LOL hahaha I want that chick cause it looks like my strawberry chick ;D

    Anyway my e-mail add is :

  10. @ Mariko Jessica. thanks for joining. no problem that will be urs hehehe

  11. Yay! Thanks too.. and that was nothing :)

  12. @ Mariko Jessica. thanks again heheh ^_^

  13. hi ri-chan,
    shared your project here:

    yeah i know that kitty snow globe is too pretty to giveaway, haha! i hope to get a postcard and that ufo red toy.. <3

    i am actually inspired to do the same, hope to host the same project soon. thanks! :)

  14. @ dianneregina. ♥ hahaha that snow globe is actually a gift from someone, for photo deco actually :P sure no prob.

    will hope to hear your project soon ;)


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